Please read my ongoing blog posts about issues related to the COVID-19 epidemic; they are at the blog here.


The 2020 Presidential Election


The Yellow Vests in France


Kneeling for the National Anthem


Ken Burns's 'The Vietnam War' Is a Lie


Dakota Access Pipeline Struggle

The Electoral College


Brexit Vote in the UK


"President Bernie Sanders: What Would It Mean?"


People are telling Congress to oppose fast track authority on trade agreements. If only we had a real, instead of a fake, democracy!


Boston's Big Money folks want taxpayers to foot more of the bill for their 2024 Olympics in Boston than they admitted publicly. The Olympics in Boston will make the Big Money folks here richer at the expense (financial and otherwise) of everybody else. That's wrong!


Efforts to prevent Boston area youths from joining ISIS


Governor Charlie Baker's "Crumby" Massachusetts Budget


The I-93 blockade in the name of "anti-racism"


Boston Police Commissioner Evans's Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove



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