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What SHOULD Liz Breadon Do?

What SHOULD City Councilor (for Allston-Brighton) Liz Breadon be doing in response to Mayor Walsh's drive to build luxury housing and NOT affordable housing, which is driving working class folks out of our neighborhood with obscenely high rents? What SHOULD Liz Breadon be doing about Mayor Walsh's DISGUSTING definition of "affordable" that he uses to pull the wool over our eyes and proclaim that lots of affordable housing is now being built under his administration?


Liz Breadon should be exposing and denouncing the SHAM definition of "affordable" housing that Mayor Walsh is using.

Liz Breadon should be using press conferences and holding hearings and essentially SHOUTING TO THE RAFTERS about the travesty of Mayor Walsh's deceitful definition of "affordable." She should be out on the streets with a bull horn telling her constituents how Mayor Walsh is building luxury housing and calling it "affordable"!

Liz Breadon should be calling for a MORATORIUM ON ALL LUXURY HOUSING CONSTRUCTION. This moratorium should last until every working class person who lives or works in Boston and who contributes reasonably according to ability has a good home to live in that, when so desired, is also in the same zip code as the person's place of employment--not a two hour each way commuting distance away!

Liz Breadon should be calling for 100% affordable (truly affordable to working class people!) new housing, not just "20%." (Liz Breadon is a founder of the Brighton Allston Community Coalition (BACC), which is only asking for "20%" of new housing to be affordable and isn't even condemning the City's grotesque definition of "affordable.") 20% "affordable" means more than 80% will be un-affordable (given the City's deceitful definition of "affordable") and this means working class people will continue to be driven out of our neighborhood; it means the gentrification will continue.

These are the things that an elected politician would do if he/she REALLY wanted affordable housing for all.

Will Liz Breadon do any of these things? Time will tell. We shall see.

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