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Re: Boston Globe February 18, 2016


In the business section, Page C-1, above the fold "Banking's new normal," I see that the banking crew don't know what to do about the economy. One could easily compare this reality with the fall of Ancient Greece when democracy or rather, capitalism failed. It's been predicted presently, also.


"Low inflation,

volatile financial markets and weak economic growth have taken a toll on businesses, and some fear central banks have lost their ability to boost struggling economies."


And on the same page, below the fold, ["Apple opposes order to help unlock phone"] we see the orders from on high with a federal court order to gag Apple by unlocking an iPhone which would hurt the privacy of law-abiding cell phone members. Apple objects to this invasion of privacy.


These two items prove that an egalitarian movement with local committees to overseer problems such as these, could and would be the answer most or all people want. Cash now is not the commodity that we want.


Carol Rae Bradford

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