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As the editor of this website I feel obliged to express my PERSONAL opinion about what is being called (rather deceptively, in my view) "climate change." My view is expressed here. I welcome differing views on this topic to be expressed on this website. If you send me your viewpoint and it is consistent with egalitarian values, then I will post it here.


Clearly the scientific fact about the relation between C02 and global warming is what it is regardless of whether one is an egalitarian or a fascist or anything else. Egalitarians can therefore disagree about this fact. There is no "egalitarian" physics.

The reason, however, for thinking carefully about the role of C02 and global warming is this. Many people think that it is a mistake to focus time and energy on building an egalitarian revolutionary movement because the far more important need is to stop the use of fossil fuel.


Furthermore, since members of the world's ruling elite, such as Bill Gates and Britain's Prince Charles, and the Rockefeller family and the Rothschilds, and Ted Turner and Michael Bloomberg and most of the mass media are promoting the idea that we must stop the use of fossil fuel, many people view this ruling elite as the "good guys" in the fight to save the planet; this totally undermines any egalitarian revolutionary movement that wants to remove these rulers from power.


--John Spritzler



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