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The rich stay in power with an economic and political system that operates by making corporate profits trump concern for the environment. This is why BP trashed the Gulf of Mexico--to make a buck. It is why BP chose to save money by ignoring basic safety requirements when it drilled through 18,000 feet of sea floor under 5,000 feet of sea water in the Gulf of Mexico and thus caused the worst environmental catastrophe in history.

This is why the oceans are filling up with plastic trash that is killing marine life.

The list goes on and on.

Most ordinary people think it is important to protect the environment. The rich use their power to coerce people into accepting the profit-driven destruction of the environment; they tell us that we have to choose between having jobs or saving the environment. 

No! That is not the choice. The choice is letting the rich remain in power versus removing the rich from power and making a MUCH better world for humans and protecting the environment too, which is very possible in an egalitarian society.

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