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Not sure you want to ask people to sign something? No problem. How about just wearing the PDR button and asking people what they think of it? This too is really important! Click here for how and why to do this.





 "THIS I BELIEVE" (pdf)  (non-pdf) is not a petition. It is an egalitarian revolutionary declaration from the signers to the public. Click here to see how to sign it.


The ultimate goal is to persuade enough people to collect signatures so that 130 million people (a majority of adults in the United States) sign "This I Believe" and 130 million people KNOW that 130 million people signed it.


Getting signatures from a majority of Americans and displaying the signatures publicly is important for this reason:


The obstacle to egalitarian revolution is not that most people don't want it (they'd love it!); the obstacle is that most people don't KNOW that most people want it. This causes people to feel that it is hopeless to even think about making an egalitarian revolution. When people know they are a majority in wanting egalitarian revolution, they will have the confidence and determination to make it happen.


80% of those who read "This I Believe" sign it, in both liberal urban and rural conservative places.


Our first phase goal: 1,000 signatures--already achieved by a handful of people in the Boston area.


Second phase goal: 10,000, then 100,000, then ...


Read more about why it's important to sign "This I Believe."








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