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We Need an International Egalitarian Revolutionary Movement

by John Spritlzer

The oppressive ruling classes of the world may differ in some ways from one nation to another, but they share the common goal of wanting to prevent an egalitarian revolution from happening anywhere in the world. They know that egalitarian revolutionary movements, even before they remove the privileged oppressive elite from power locally, inspire people elsewhere to build an egalitarian revolutionary movement. And they know that if an egalitarian revolution succeeds in removing the privileged oppressive elite from power anywhere, it will enormously inspire people elsewhere to do the same. And if there is one thing the privileged oppressive elites fear, no matter which nation they rule, it is being removed from power!

This is why privileged oppressive ruling elites, no matter how much they may be in conflict with each other, come to each other's assistance--militarily if necessary--to prevent a successful egalitarian revolution anywhere. This means that an egalitarian revolutionary movement anywhere is actually fighting against the privileged oppressive ruling elites EVERYWHERE. For example, when there was almost a revolution in France in 1968, the French president de Gaulle went to Germany to line up support for military forces to put down the revolution, because he feared that the soldiers in France might not obey orders to attack the French public.

The only way an egalitarian revolutionary movement in, say, the United States, can avoid being defeated by the ruling class of another nation, say China, coming to the aid of the U.S. ruling class, is if (to use this example of the U.S. and China still) the Chinese ruling class were afraid of being overthrown by the Chinese egalitarian revolutionary movement if it sent Chinese troops to the U.S. to repress the revolution there, and for that reason does NOT send troops to the U.S.

In other words, for the U.S. egalitarian revolution to succeed, it is necessary that there be a substantial egalitarian revolutionary movement in China (and other nations as well.)  So of course every egalitarian revolutionary movement should do as much as it can to support and strengthen egalitarian revolutionary movements in other nations.

But the most effective thing that we in the U.S. can do to help strengthen egalitarian revolutionary movements in China and other nations is to build the egalitarian revolutionary movement as large as possible in the U.S. By making the U.S. movement large, and explicitly for egalitarianism, and by doing everything possible to inform people in other nations about our movement (despite the efforts of the ruling elites to censor such information) we will inspire people in other nations to work even harder to build the egalitarian revolutionary movement in their own nation.

Similarly, the best thing we can do to prevent the U.S. ruling class from oppressing people abroad is to make it as fearful as possible of being overthrown at home by an egalitarian revolutionary movement that exposes its (the ruling class's) aims abroad as being purely oppressive despite its lying propaganda.

The moral of this story is that there is no excuse for not building the egalitarian revolutionary movement in the nation where one lives.

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