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These authorities dare to claim the mantle of preserving the peace while they arrest people protesting racist policing. These authorities are not preserving peace; they're enforcing SUBMISSION to class inequality, which they have the gall to call "peace"!

They say they're only preserving "law and order" but it's the law and order of class inequality.

It's the law and order of obscene wealth and privilege and power enjoyed by a billionaire ruling plutocracy.

It's the law and order of cops using billy clubs or guns (or their credible threat) to evict people from their homes because the billionaires LOOTED their rent money from them in a thousand routine "peaceful" ways from paying poverty wages to charging grotesque prices for health care and prescription drugs.

It's the law and order of driving working class people out of their neighborhood where their family lived for many generations, by replacing  affordable housing with new luxury housing, and it's the law and order of Boston Mayor Walsh LYING that the new luxury housing is "affordable."

The city and state police and national guard are the plutocracy's instrument to enforce its everyday despicable LOOTING by the haves of the have-nots, which they call "peaceful law and order."

And the authorities have the GALL to wag their finger at the have-nots and accuse them of looting!

The have-nots are saying "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE." They're the ones on the moral high road.

Let the authorities, and the billionaires they protect, remove the log in their own eyes instead of complaining about the speck in the eyes of the have-nots.

The police chiefs who pose as kindly sweet friends of the people are nothing of the sort; they are an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Read about how the "oh-so-kind and gentle" former Boston police chief, Evans, was nothing of the sort, how he was an iron fist in a velvet glove, in an article I wrote about him several years ago, which applies just as well to our current police chief:

Boston Police Commissioner Evans's Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

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