by John Spritzler

March 9, 2019

Some people (the "anti-vaxxers") are very sure that Big Pharma is promoting the widespread use of vaccinations just to make big bucks selling their vaccines (or for an even more evil reason), and that the vaccines are actually quite dangerous (cause autism in children, for example) and that the government (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in particular) is covering up the horrible truth. The anti-vaxxers may be right; I don't claim to know the truth for sure. Some of the evidence they present merits great attention.

If the anti-vaxxers are correct, then this is a truly monstrous crime that should be stopped as fast as possible. And yet, I do not focus my attention on the vaccination issue. Why not? I will get into that shortly.

There are other similar issues that I don't focus my attention on, even though they may be monstrous crimes. For example:

Chem trails. Some say that we're being poisoned by stuff that is secretly being dumped from jet planes and that causes the increasing number of "contrails" in the sky. They say the real aim of this dumping is evil, perhaps altering the weather or climate for nasty military purposes. Again, they may be right; I just don't know. Some of the evidence they present merits great attention. But I don't focus on this issue.

The terribly destructive fires last year in northern California. Some say they were caused (for some unknown evil purpose) by high energy devices from satellites or something like that, not caused by the normal things that the newspapers reported. Again, maybe the conspiracy theorists are right. I saw a video of a professional fireman saying they are. I just don't know for sure.

The mass shootings (such as Sandy Hook.) Some say they were fake and not really what the official narrative says. Again, I'm no expert; but sure, if that were true it would be horrible manipulation of the public for some secret evil reason. But I don't focus on this issue.

9/11 an inside job. Some (myself included, by the way) think 9/11 was an inside job. Sure, it would be wonderful if most Americans not only thought, but were very sure, that 9/11 was an inside job. But the ruling class, with its control of the mass media and the government, can prevent that from ever happening because people simply don't have direct experience of 9/11's inside-jobness; it's a subject about which they must rely on "experts" and the ruling class can buy lots of "experts."  I don't focus on this issue.

There are more such issues, such as G-5 towers and covid-19 being designed to kill or dominate us, and so on.


What all these conspiracy issues have in common is this. If the conspiracy theories are in fact true, the ruling class has the power to prevent almost all of the general public from knowing they are true. Why? Because these are issues about which, because of their very nature, ordinary people cannot have direct personal experience by which to know the truth with confidence. For these kinds of issues, the only way the general public could be confident that the conspiracy theories are true would be if the mass media (the proverbial 11 O'Clock News, etc.) confirmed they were true, and that is never going to happen as long as the ruling plutocracy class remains in power.

But at the same time, the only way to stop these crimes (assuming the conspiracy theories are true) is to remove the ruling plutocracy--the criminals--from power. And the only way to remove the plutocracy ("the rich") from power is to build a mass movement (of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and billions world wide) that aims to remove it (and similar ruling elites elsewhere) from power and has the confidence and determination required to do that (as discussed here.)

The problem is that one cannot build a mass revolutionary movement based on anger at crimes that most people don't think are really happening or at least don't have any confidence are really happening, can one?

No doubt it is useful to try to educate the general public about these conspiracy issue crimes. The more this effort succeeds, the better. The mistake, however, is to think that this effort is the key to ending these crimes. It's not.


This doesn't mean, however, that we cannot remove the rich from power and thereby a) get access to their secrets (in their file cabinets and computer hard drives, etc.) to find out the truth about these conspiracy theories and b) prevent these crimes from continuing (if indeed they are occurring.)

But how can we remove the rich from power? How can we persuade people to be confident and determined enough to do that?

The answer, I believe, is to do this: 


First, talk to people about the crimes of the ruling class that are NOT secret, but done openly for all to see. I provide examples of many such crimes here; they are all different ways that the rich treat us like dirt.  In my revolutionary community organizing where I live (discussed here) I am focusing on the crime of denying people adequate affordable housing. Almost everybody where I live is royally pissed at the rich for committing this crime against us. No persuasion, no revealing of obscure evidence, no relying on experts is required to make people angry at THIS crime. Not at all!

Second, talk about how this crime (denial of adequate affordable housing, for example) can only really be thoroughly ended by removing the rich from power, and how removing the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor (a.k.a. an egalitarian revolution) is what the vast majority of people want for all sorts of good reasons (basic decency being high on the list).

Third, make people aware of the fact that they are part of the vast majority in wanting not only adequate affordable housing (or whatever the most relevant demand is for a given area) but also an egalitarian revolution. Create large organizations that are explicitly for not only this or that reform demand (such as more affordable housing) but also for egalitarian revolution, with the kind of arguments that I give here.

Fourth, remove the rich from power this way. This ends the "conspiracy" crimes EVEN THOUGH THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT WAS NOT FOCUSED ON THAT GOAL.


The choice we face is this: Either a) focus on the conspiracy theory crimes and never end them, OR b) focus on the crimes that everybody knows about and thereby make a revolution that also ends the conspiracy theory crimes.


I vote for choice b. What's your choice?

What about Zionism?

By the way, we face a similar choice with respect to the crime of Zionism, although it's not strictly the same as with the conspiracy theory crimes.


The similarity is that in order to end the crime of Zionism we need an egalitarian revolution to remove the plutocracy--i.e., the people who have a self-interest in supporting Zionism (as I discuss here), from power. But the crime of Zionism takes place so far away from the direct experience of ordinary people in the United States that it is never going to be the issue that is sufficiently understood to generate the anger and confidence and determination of the majority of people in the U.S. that is required for a revolutionary movement to grow strong enough to succeed in the U.S. (The same is not true, of course, in Palestine including the part of it called Israel.)


In contrast to conspiracy theory crimes, however, the crime of Zionism is not secret (the massacres of Palestinians are no secret); only the understanding of the issue required to know that it is a crime is essentially secret. This understanding helps people understand the reason we need an egalitarian revolution, which is why I devote some effort to helping spread an understanding of Zionism. 



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