if you're concerned about Ukraine

by John Spritzler

March 8, 2022

[The URL of this article is https://www.pdrboston.org/hard-cold-facts (also https://tinyurl.com/4f4xw5fk ); please share it.]

Fact #1. The United States armed the Soviet Union big time all during the Cold War, even sending U.S. GIs to fight against North Vietnamese who were using U.S.-supplied weapons delivered to North Vietnam by the Soviet Union on U.S.-supplied ships. Read about this, the fact that it is true and the explanation for it, in great detail at https://www.pdrboston.org/u-s-armed-the-soviet-union-in-cold- .

Fact #2. The Israeli government funds HAMAS--which fires rockets aimed to kill Israeli civilians--and works to keep HAMAS in power in Gaza. Read about this in great detail, the fact that it is true and the explanation for it, at https://www.pdrboston.org/israeli-leaders-hamas-need-each-oth and more explanation for it at https://www.pdrboston.org/israel-s-government-attacks-jews-to .

If your understanding of the world does not include a welcoming place in it for these two facts, then your understanding of the world is wrong, because these two facts are true.

Read how these facts relate to, and help explain, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the related role of the United States at https://www.pdrboston.org/ukraine-thoughts .