by John Spritzler

December 13, 2020

[I have written extensively about Zionism; click here to see these other articles of mine.]



The Zionists are playing you like a fiddle. And you're letting them get away with it.


I fight Zionism in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the Zionists to persuade anybody that I am anti-Semitic.


You, unfortunately, fight Zionism in a way that makes it EASY for the Zionists to persuade people you are anti-Semitic.


What do I do that you fail to do? This.


I aggressively attack the Zionist Israeli government (and the billionaire ruling class to which it is beholden) for not only oppressing Palestinians with ethnic cleansing but ALSO oppressing ordinary Jews in Israel by driving them down into economic poverty and using the bogeyman "enemy" of Palestinians (which the ethnic cleansing deliberately creates) to divert Jewish working class anger away from the Zionist billionaire ruling class and instead against ordinary Palestinians oppressed by that same ruling class. Divide and rule 101.


I also harshly condemn the Zionist leaders for having betrayed ordinary European Jews during the Holocaust (sabotaging any rescue effort that did not send the Jews to Palestine), and for continuing to betray them after WWII in other ways before Israel existed.

How do ordinary people who are pro-Zionist respond?


A very pro-Israel Jewish colleague of mine, with his facial muscles twitching in anger, put his finger a quarter inch from my face when I was collecting signatures at work in support of the Palestinian Right of Return, and screamed at me, "You're this close to being Hitler!"


A few days later I ran into him in the cafeteria and asked if he had a minute to talk and he said OK (because we were colleagues and had to work together.) I then spent 15 minutes relating to him how the Zionist leaders had betrayed European Jews during the Holocaust and continued to oppress ordinary Jews today. (Go here to read about this in great detail: ) He listened in dead silence, astonished to hear me defending Jews. Prior to this he had assumed that I was an anti-Semite since I was anti-Zionist. Now he was learning he had been wrong.


The next week, after I had shown the anti-Zionist film Jenin Jenin during the lunch hour at work, I was returning to my office and passed this colleague in the hall. Now he was very friendly! He told me that he wasn't able to attend the film because he had a conflicting work meeting but that he would attend the next film if I had one. (I didn't show another film before retiring, alas.)


This is how an anti-Zionist movement can make itself IMMUNE to any accusation of being anti-Semitic.


But the current wrong-headed anti-Zionist movement doesn't do this.


Instead, it does things that make it EASY for the Zionists to persuade people it is anti-Semitic. For example:


1. Wrong-headed anti-Zionists don't expresses any concern for the oppression of ordinary Jews by the Zionist ruling class and instead either say outright, or imply, that ordinary Jews are just as much the enemy as the Israeli ruling class that oppresses them. Anti-Zionists thereby accept as true the Zionist Big Lie that "Israel is a state of the Jewish people" when in fact it is no more a state of ordinary Jews than the United States is a state of ordinary Americans: both are states of billionaire ruling classes used to oppress the ordinary people who reside in them.


2. Wrong-headed anti-Zionists don't explain that the reason the U.S. ruling class (both the Jewish and non-Jewish members) support Israel is because it has a vital, rational (though immoral) strategic reason OF ITS OWN for supporting Israel (which I explain at Instead anti-Zionists foolishly claim that the reason the U.S. government supports Israel is because Israel (somehow, mysteriously) forces it to do so (the "tail wags dog" idiotic theory.) When people hear this absurd theory they naturally perceive it as that old anti-Semitic canard about the mysterious power that Jews have over non-Jews, you know--"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and all that anti-Semitic nonsense.


3. Wrong-headed anti-Zionists don't talk about how the land and houses that the Zionists stole from Palestinians can (and ought to) be returned to them IN A MANNER THAT WOULD BE SUPPORTED ENTHUSIASTICALLY BY MOST ORDINARY ISRAELI JEWS! Read here how this could be done: Instead anti-Zionists act as if a just solution for the Palestinians could only be carried out in spite of furious opposition by ordinary Jews whose concerns don't count at all.


By fighting Zionism the proper and sensible way, the anti-Zionist movement can WIN; it can be immune to the accusation of anti-Semitism and gain the support of the people who--to their great credit--want nothing to do with any movement they perceive as anti-Semitic.


So, why does the wrong-headed anti-Zionist movement fail to fight Zionism in a winning way?


Here's why.


Too many of the anti-Zionist leaders won't do what needs to be done because what needs to be done (all the points I make above) is based on an egalitarian revolutionary (as described at ) anti-capitalist perspective and aim, and these anti-Zionist leaders don't want to be egalitarian revolutionary anti-capitalist leaders. Why not? Because if they did they would lose the Big Money funding they rely on to "pay the rent" for their various organizations or political campaigns, etc. Sad but true.


My book, The Israeli Ruling Class Exposed: It Oppresses Ordinary Jews As Well As Palestinians, is a more detailed version of this article.

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