When the word "egalitarian" is used in this website, it refers to a person of adult age (this age is determined by the Local Assembly) who has reasonably adult mental ability and sanity (presumed to be the case unless determined otherwise by the Local Assembly). These are the people who have the rights accorded to egalitarians. (Egalitarians in this clarified sense may not be, as stated elsewhere in this website, the vast majority of people when children are included, but they are the vast majority of adults.)

When the word "person" or "people" is used in connection with the right to have equal status with others in decision-making in an economic enterprise or assembly then the word refers likewise to those of adult age with reasonably adult mental ability and sanity.

The principles of equality and mutual aid mean that all children and adults lacking adult mental ability or sanity must in all cases be treated with kindness and dignity and never abused. Such people are always members in good standing of the sharing economy because the amount of work required of them that is "reasonable according to ability" is zero.