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by John Spritzler

April 24, 2023

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Early in the Covid-19 pandemic three years ago I wrote about it here  and here; also subsequently here and here.


In these articles I said that a) Covid-19 was indeed a serious health threat; b) vaccines may be a useful treatment but they were a gamble (because of a lack of long term--many years duration--testing and the fact that sometimes vaccines do more harm than good); c) I personally chose to get vaxed and boosted, knowing it was a gamble; d) vaccines were at best not the only proper response to the pandemic but the ruling class was proceeding as if they were. 

I also wrote that the ruling class always needed to be perceived as acting to protect the welfare of the general public or else it risked revolution. For this reason, when there was a pandemic, the ruling class would be motivated to do things to seem, if not actually, to be protecting the public, and if dramatic things were required for this purpose (such as shut-downs) then it would enact them. The point is that, contrary to what the people who called the pandemic a "shamdemic" said, the shut-down and later vaccination policies of the ruling class--which did indeed increase ruling class social control for a time--were not necessarily only intended to increase the power of the ruling class over ordinary people, nor were these policies proof that the pandemic was a fake 'shamdemic' that was no more serious than the flu and deliberately created as a pretext for increased social control.


To avoid revolution the ruling class is sometimes forced to do the right thing; for example Hitler was forced to cancel his evil euthanasia (killing useless eaters) program to avoid revolution when the formerly secret program was discovered by a furious public.


At the time of my earlier writing I had no evidence that the published results of the Pfizer and Moderna RNA vaccines were fraudulent, although I knew (and had written about the fact) that Big Pharma did sometimes 'cook the data' when it was profitable to do so, as described in the book The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine.


Recently, however, I encountered this article that suggests that Moderna 'cooked the data' about its RNA vaccine.

I also encountered this video that suggests that some deaths attributed primarily to Covid-19 were not actually so.

If I encounter more such articles or videos I will link to them here.


The root problem, of course, is that we live in a dictatorship of a billionaire plutocracy that does not actually care about our welfare and will lie when it enables it to increase its power and control over us. The solution is this.

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