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What the "Existence of the State of Israel" Really Means and Why It Should NOT Exist

by John Spritzler


[Please read my book: The Israeli Ruling Class Exposed: It Oppresses Ordinary Jews as Well as Palestinians. Here is a chapter online about how working class Jews suffer because of Zionism in Israel.]

The "existence of the state of Israel" means the existence of a state that is guaranteed, by whatever means necessary including violent ethnic cleansing, to have--always!--at least an 80% Jewish population. There is no morally valid reason why such a state should exist. Any violence used to "protect the existence of the state of Israel" is likewise morally unjustified.

The two fundamental reasons that Zionists give in defense of Israel removing most non-Jews from Israel and refusing to let them (the Palestinian refugees) return are:

#1) That God gave the land to the Jews and

#2) That, because non-Jews (Gentiles) are INNATELY anti-Semitic, Jews cannot live safely in the world unless there is a Jewish state with a large majority Jewish population achieved and guaranteed by whatever is necessary, even if it requires (as it does) violent ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

To see that #1 is false, GO HERE;

To see that #2 is false, GO HERE.

Zionist leaders have nothing but contempt for ordinary Jews and have betrayed them horribly since the days of the Holocaust. To see this GO HERE.

​​Click here to read "Why Our Government Supports Israel's Government and Why We Shouldn't" (2 page pdf file).

Click here to read about a solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict that is both just AND would be very popular with most ordinary Israeli Jews.

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