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Why Evil People May

Do a Good Thing

(Getting this wrong only helps the evil people)

by John Spritzler

September 19, 2023

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The Nazi Euthanasia Program initiated by Hitler in 1939 was a secret program to use health care workers to kill individuals who were, in the view of the Nazis, "useless eaters," people they considered to be "unfit" or "handicapped." The killing continued full scale until Hitler ordered it to end in 1941, but only because the secret had leaked out, and the public was outraged.


Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen of Muenster denounced the killings in a public sermon on August 3, 1941. Other public figures and clergy also raised objections to the killings. Hitler feared he might not be able to remain in power unless he ended the program, or at least ended enough of it to make the public believe it had been completely ended. This is why Hitler ended the program. (Read about this program here.)

So, did the evil Hitler do a good thing or a bad thing when he ended the Euthanasia Program? Obviously, it was a good thing, albeit done for the bad reason of keeping himself in power so he could carry out the Holocaust and other acts of oppression.

Is it not clear that if, in 1941, anti-Hitler people had denounced Hitler's closing of the Euthanasia Project as an evil act, on the grounds that Hitler was an evil person doing evil things, this would have been absurd? What if anti-Hitler people had argued that while closing the Euthanasia Project might seem on the surface to be a good act, it really must be in some way even more harmful to innocent people than keeping the program going, since why else would the evil Hitler have closed it? Again, this would have been absurd, right?

What about Big Pharma and its vaccines?

Unfortunately, today there are some good people who rightly oppose the evil owners of Big Pharma (and Big $ in general), but who don't seem to understand that evil people sometimes do a good thing in order to remain in power. These good people assume without persuasive evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines that are produced by Big Pharma are harmful, not beneficial, and are intended to harm us, because why else would evil Big Pharma produce these vaccines?*  


They don't understand that our Big $ rulers feared that if they did not do what was required to persuade most of the skeptical public that they were acting to protect public health and safety during a pandemic--i.e., create and administer the best vaccines possible--then this would hasten a revolution that would remove the Big $ ruling class from power. 

Likewise, because of a related wrong understanding of cause and effect, these people assume that since the pandemic did indeed give the ruling class a pretext for doing things that oppressed people and strengthened its social control of people (such as the lock-downs) that therefore the pandemic must have been deliberately created by the ruling class. But this is illogical reasoning.


By such reasoning it would follow that since Big $ used its ordered evacuation of parts of New Orleans during  Hurricane Katrina for evil purposes (as described here), that therefore Big $ deliberately caused Hurricane Katrina. This is clearly absurd reasoning. But according to this kind of thinking, when the government told people to evacuate New Orleans they should have refused to do so, since the U.S. government being evil (which it is!) would supposedly never tell people to do something to make them safer. If I had lived in New Orleans in the area affected by Hurricane Katrina, I would have evacuated. Wouldn't you?

Let's be EFFECTIVE in fighting the ruling class

When it comes to deciding whether or not something the ruling class does is beneficial or harmful to ordinary people, one must look at the specific facts of the matter. One cannot determine the answer simply by saying, "Well, the ruling class is evil, therefore whatever it says must be false and whatever it does must be for the purpose of harming us." Denouncing the ruling class this way is simply not effective. Most people would think it's absurd reasoning; it would also, unfortunately, stigmatize as not credible other well-founded accusations of evil that people make against the ruling class.

The effective way to strengthen popular opposition to the ruling class is to make accusations against its evil deeds that are persuasive, based on well-established facts. For example, I denounce the ruling class, including Dr. Fauci, for causing Americans to live shorter and sicker lives than we would enjoy if the ruling class were not in power over us, based on lots of undeniable facts in my article here.


* Based on such illogical reasoning to declare the Covid-19 vaccines intentionally harmful, some people jump to the unfounded conclusion that since there are serious adverse events reported among people who got the vaccine, therefore the vaccine caused these events. Note that some people have these same adverse event experiences even without taking the vaccine. In fact, it would be very surprising, indeed alarming, if there were no serious adverse events reported among people who received the Covid-19 vaccine; that would suggest that the adverse event reporting was not doing its job!


If there were adverse event reporting for a placebo there would also undoubtedly be many serious adverse events reported, since people do experience such things. Obviously this would not mean that the placebo was the cause. Only if the incidence of a serious adverse event among people who got the vaccine were far greater than among people before the vaccine was widely administered would there be any reason to suspect that the vaccine might be the cause.  


Also note that even if a vaccine does slightly increase the risk of a particular serious adverse event, if the vaccine prevents lots of deaths then it may nonetheless be overall beneficial, not harmful.

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