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The Rwandan Genocide

I just watched a video about the Rwandan genocide that is online here


I think this video is credible, although I am no authority by any means on this topic. The basic point of the video is:


a) that yes, lots of people were killed in what is known as the Rwandan Genocide, but virtually everything that the mass media has told us about that event is misleading and often outright false propaganda, in particular who was killed, who killed them and why they were killed;




b) that the false propaganda story was intended to make the Western public believe that our Western governments need to intervene in other nations in Africa and elsewhere to (supposedly) prevent genocides in the future, a theme that our leaders now call R2P, "Responsibility to Protect populations from genocide."


When our Western governments intervene in other nations it is for bad, not good, reasons. Hence the need our rulers have for propaganda to make it seem that their deeds are noble ones when they are the opposite.

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