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From: Paul & Carol Rae Bradford <>
To: shirley.leung <>
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Sent: Fri, Jan 30, 2015 6:59 am
Subject: At what price? TheOympics in Boston



January 30, 2015




Shirley Leung


Boston, MA


Re: At what price? Boston Globe article January 30, 2015


Dear Shirley,


We do appreciate your thoughtful writing. We are also am wondering why there is so much speculation on having the Olympics here. Why would anyone consider it? The aim to be Number One?   Never.


Just take a good look at our local problems, the persistent yet expected snow problems this winter and winters to come, bringing out more police, trucks, and unexpected thefts, etc., and specially prepared plans/speeches on television to counter the storms-Massachusetts citizens pay for all of this;


the unsuccessful war on drugs; the drastically low economy driving many to drugs;


the persistence of taxes that of course continue to rise;



the coming upswing in gas and oil prices;


The impossible medical expenses for seniors, for hospitals, for medical help,

for health plans that simply don't work currently;


The ever-rising costs of feeding a family, especially families with children;


This is America - many are living in their cars;


The expansive and expensive problems of maintaining our oceans healthy enough for marine life now and for the coming generations;


The housing problem and some poor still in the streets, without food or beds. Not that long ago, we never saw such news as this. As we see foreclosures, add more people to this list. We won't even mention the mental breakdowns caused by the present and continuing

economic downturn.


The rich want to travel to the moon and to other planets. They are furthering this sort of research. Some have even paid their passage. Perhaps we should send the rich there right now.


Further, do we have enough hotels? No. Cough up more monies, people;


High and costly police protection during the games against terrorism;


Less help from DC because of the fervent desire on its part to spend billions to create wars and more wars. The development of more armaments and scientific research to create even more evil and poisonous tools with which to wage war. Killing is in style;


Less help from the Massachusetts coffers for our towns as less people are employed, so lower amounts in taxes are collected. So where is MA going to get adequate $$$$'s to set up this very impractical and unnecessary Olympics plan?


Even though from the top down it is said that the "economy is improving", we see none of that for the middle classes who are being mowed down to poverty levels as we speak. Folks are spending their hard-earned savings in order to sustain living conditions such as food and remaining in their homes;


The ridiculous costs of undesirable television shows; programs that don't teach, most of them showing violence, wars, murders, immoral activities, and more trash, that our young people do not need;


Sure, there'll be rich corporations and others who have nothing else to do with their dollars, and who will donate to this unworthy cause. But as Shirley mentions, expenses will go way over the expected $8.1 billion. And we know well that we will have to carry this "overload."


We wish that this many billions could go into a serious, well thought out plan to educate our young properly in public schooling, preparing them for college and for life. Teaching them optimism and hope for the future is a must. Obama is correct, college should be included freely without the outrageous costs/loans that the young graduates are left with. This country could well afford turning these dollars towards the young. This and mostly this, will being promises of a far brighter future.


And our mania for the Super Bowl in the news is the most news we get. The food outlets have gone all out advertising what to eat during the Super Bowl! Americans have no idea what is really going on with our tiny planet as we are taught to constantly listen to this banal advertising.  It takes a great deal of study to adequately interpret current events in countries far away from us. And yes, knowing this may make us work to create changes.


Many think that our politicians must go. There is no reason to think that they are working seriously to heal, to bring health, a healthy economy, and in many other ways, to work with and work for the people who live in America.


Perhaps the money system, esp. Wall Street, should be abolished and a healthy barter system be a strong part of America. Bartering brings out the altruism in folks. Capitalism has been shown not to work, along with Communism and Socialism. So where do we go now? Our older generation grew up in a happy, non-greedy world, that at this moment is withering. We've witnessed too many unhealthy changes.


Can the citizens of this Commonwealth face even more expenses? What do we need more for? We are over-burdened already. Why add more to the list? This move for the Olympics will deplete our pocketbooks at a suicidal rate, if the above items haven't already.


There is a reason that folks call our Commonwealth "Taxachusetts."  Please re-read the above again.




Paul Bradford

Carol Rae Bradford, M.Ed., Author

Somerville, MA


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