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August 24, 2021

The U.S. government, beholden to the U.S. billionaire ruling plutocracy, never gave a damn about the welfare of ordinary people in Afghanistan; it only cared about the selfish interests that the ruling plutocracy had--or thought it had--when it came to making Afghanistan policy.

From 1984-94 the CIA spent millions of dollars printing (at the Univ. of Nebraska) jihadi literature for the Taliban to help it remove the Soviet-backed Afghanistan government that famously supported full rights for women. [1]

When the Taliban drove the very liberal Afganistan government out of power, the U.S. government shortly thereafter used the (phony [2)] official story of 9/11 and the (true) misogyny of the Taliban as an excuse to invade Afghanistan to try to make it a virtual colony of the U.S. plutocracy, whose motives were a) to keep Americans in a war mentality that would justify the Military Industrial Complex's sucking huge amounts of wealth (as profits) out of projects that would make life better for ordinary Americans and directing it instead into projects that would make life more obscenely luxurious for the plutocracy, and b) to obtain for the plutocracy the wealth in Afghanistan from poppy fields (for cocaine production) and rare earth minerals more recently discovered there.

The U.S. government's motives in Afghanistan were so corrupt that the puppet government it installed was likewise so openly corrupt that it failed to enlist the genuine support of enough Afghanis to prevail against the relatively non-corrupt (religiously fanatic, but not corrupt) Taliban once the U.S. military was withdrawn. (Soldiers in the puppet government military pretended to be loyal to the puppet government but when push came to shove they clearly were not and they just deserted when the U.S. pulled out.)

Some people argue (and I don't pretend to know the truth on this matter) that a very large number of Afghan men support the Taliban because they support the virtual enslavement of women to men that the Taliban enforces. Even if this were true, it would still be the case that the majority of people in Afghanistan (i.e., virtually all women plus at least some men, which is more than half the population) oppose the Taliban. But this majority is un-armed and for the time being at least under the domination of the Taliban, much like slaves in the ante bellum American South were under the domination of the slave owners despite outnumbering them.

If--a BIG if!--the U.S. government were genuinely on the side of ordinary people who want society to be equal and democratic, then it would be able and willing to provide valuable assistance to the good people in Afghanistan, and it would be wonderful if it did so. But the U.S. government does not give a damn about the welfare of good people anywhere, not in the U.S. nor in Afghanistan. Very sadly, the Afghanis who sided with the U.S. and who now fear for their lives at the hands of the Taliban after being betrayed by the U.S. government's pull out that made no plan to ensure their safety are learning just how much contempt for them the U.S. government always had.






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