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Photos of 500 of my zip code neighbors proudly displaying a sign that says:

"We the People want affordable housing for all. 

To get it we aim to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor."






“Between these fields was the forest, which Indians were subjecting to parallel changes. Sometime in the first millennium A.D., the Indians who had burned undergrowth to facilitate grazing began systematically replanting large belts of woodland, transforming them into orchards for fruit and mast (the general name for hickory nuts, beechnuts, acorns, butternuts, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and chestnuts).”


— 1491 by Charles C. Mann






How common is intersex? a response to Anne Fausto-Sterling

Leonard Sax 1


Anne Fausto-Sterling s suggestion that the prevalence of intersex might be as high as 1.7% has attracted wide attention in both the scholarly press and the popular media. Many reviewers are not aware that this figure includes conditions which most clinicians do not recognize as intersex, such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. If the term intersex is to retain any meaning, the term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female. Applying this more precise definition, the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%, almost 100 times lower than Fausto-Sterling s estimate of 1.7%.

When even trans pioneers denounce the "gender affirmation" absurdity, then maybe it time, you know, to say, "Yes, it is indeed an absurdity--and one that HARMS children."

Drug used to halt puberty in children may cause lasting health problems [ ]

Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage

Correction to this article was published on 29 April 2021

This article has been updated


Males enjoy physical performance advantages over females within competitive sport. The sex-based segregation into male and female sporting categories does not account for transgender persons who experience incongruence between their biological sex and their experienced gender identity. Accordingly, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) determined criteria by which a transgender woman may be eligible to compete in the female category, requiring total serum testosterone levels to be suppressed below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to and during competition. Whether this regulation removes the male performance advantage has not been scrutinized. Here, we review how differences in biological characteristics between biological males and females affect sporting performance and assess whether evidence exists to support the assumption that testosterone suppression in transgender women removes the male performance advantage and thus delivers fair and safe competition. We report that the performance gap between males and females becomes significant at puberty and often amounts to 10–50% depending on sport. The performance gap is more pronounced in sporting activities relying on muscle mass and explosive strength, particularly in the upper body. Longitudinal studies examining the effects of testosterone suppression on muscle mass and strength in transgender women consistently show very modest changes, where the loss of lean body mass, muscle area and strength typically amounts to approximately 5% after 12 months of treatment. Thus, the muscular advantage enjoyed by transgender women is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed. Sports organizations should consider this evidence when reassessing current policies regarding participation of transgender women in the female category of sport.

The blunt scientific truth about transgender women’s athletic ability: Even after a decade of hormone therapy, trans women are stronger and faster than cis women. [ ]

Lia Thomas wikipedia article, with swim events:,time%201.75%20seconds%20behind%20Thomas

Lia Thomas in the women's locker room:

ACLU Responds to Lawsuit Attacking Transgender Student Athletes

The ACLU is defending Andraya Yearwood, who is a trans woman who has had zero gender transition medical intervention, as reported at 

Comparing Athletic Performances: The Best Elite Women to Boys and Men

How does hormone transition in transgender women change body composition, muscle strength and haemoglobin? Systematic review with a focus on the implications for sport participation


Objectives We systemically reviewed the literature to assess how long-term testosterone suppressing gender-affirming hormone therapy influenced lean body mass (LBM), muscular area, muscular strength and haemoglobin (Hgb)/haematocrit (HCT).

Design Systematic review.

Data sources Four databases (BioMed Central, PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science) were searched in April 2020 for papers from 1999 to 2020.

Eligibility criteria for selecting studies Eligible studies were those that measured at least one of the variables of interest, included transwomen and were written in English.

Results Twenty-four studies were identified and reviewed. Transwomen experienced significant decreases in all parameters measured, with different time courses noted. After 4 months of hormone therapy, transwomen have Hgb/HCT levels equivalent to those of cisgender women. After 12 months of hormone therapy, significant decreases in measures of strength, LBM and muscle area are observed. The effects of longer duration therapy (36 months) in eliciting further decrements in these measures are unclear due to paucity of data. Notwithstanding, values for strength, LBM and muscle area in transwomen remain above those of cisgender women, even after 36 months of hormone therapy.

Conclusion In transwomen, hormone therapy rapidly reduces Hgb to levels seen in cisgender women. In contrast, hormone therapy decreases strength, LBM and muscle area, yet values remain above that observed in cisgender women, even after 36 months. These findings suggest that strength may be well preserved in transwomen during the first 3 years of hormone therapy.

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas 'dropped her pants' and exposed her 'male genitalia' in a women's locker room after a meet, claims University of Kentucky athlete Riley Gaines

One of the woke absurdities is treating 12 year old girls (and 13 year olds, etc.) who have some mental suffering for some reason that they think will disappear if they have a double mastectomy, with a double mastectomy instead of non-medical psychiatric counseling. This is happening increasingly now: .

Dear woke folks: Do you REALLY think it is OK to treat 12 and 13 year old girls with double mastectomies, just because they say they are a boy (or in many cases just that they don’t want to be a girl) and want that procedure?


Read about how this aggressive "gender affirmation" policy is being rejected by liberal European nations: . .


["Current Concerns About Gender-Affirming Therapy in Adolescents" in Curr Sex Health Rep (2023).]

[An endocrinologist asks why the U.S. is not following the science: ]



Top swimmer slams NCAA for ‘eradicating’ women’s rights in sports

'It makes me sad to think that we're back to the position that I feel that we were in 50 years ago,' says Kylee Alons [ ]

What about children who want a perfectly healthy limb (a leg or arm) cut off? Do you support doing that surgery too? Read about this at . If you're STILL not sure, then read this scholarly discussion that concludes such surgery is unethical: .

Kayla Lovdahl has already transitioned and detransitioned at 18 — and now she’s taking her doctors to court [ ]

Transgender detransition is a taboo topic, but data shows it’s on the rise [ ]


Female prisoners in Scotland forced to shower with trans offenders who are anatomically male, claim feminist group

Lia Thomas nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year

Study estimates trans youth population has doubled in 5 years


This article shows that the most powerful people in the corporate elite have an agenda that is not simply narrow corporate profitability. The article doesn’t say what that agenda actually is, but I will say: it is social control based in large part on divide and rule using divisive “social issues” carefully and deceitfully framed in a manner designed to turn half the have-nots against the other half.

Go woke or lose bonuses: CEOs are ‘forced’ into Dylan Mulvaney deal system


What happened when the woke came to bully the wealthiest man in the world [ ] re Elon Musk and ESG

Detransitioner's video

Chloe Cole video: 

NHS gender clinic 'should have challenged me more' over transition


Calif. mom Aurora Regino rails against school district’s ‘parental secrecy’ policy after daughter’s gender transition

Konstantin Kisin and the Counter-Woke Revolution  video

Disfigured anatomies and imperfect analogies: body integrity identity disorder and the supposed right to self-demanded amputation of healthy body parts

‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders

Vast Majority of Gender Dysphoric Boys Desist, Long-Term Study Finds Continue reading Vast Majority of Gender Dysphoric Boys Desist, Long-Term Study Finds | Women Are Human. Read more at:

Yes, Europe Is Restricting “Gender-Affirming Care”

American activists distort the situation in European countries to defend an aggressive approach to pediatric gender medicine.


CEOs like Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk want the government to fight inequality and 'reignite the American dream'



Recent Findings

Systematic reviews of evidence conducted by public health authorities in Finland, Sweden, and England concluded that the risk/benefit ratio of youth gender transition ranges from unknown to unfavorable. As a result, there has been a shift from “gender-affirmative care,” which prioritizes access to medical interventions, to a more conservative approach that addresses psychiatric comorbidities and psychotherapeutically explores the developmental etiology of the trans identity. Debate about the safety and efficacy of “gender-affirming care” in the USA is only recently emerging.


The question, “Do the benefits of youth gender transitions outweigh the risks of harm?” remains unanswered because of a paucity of follow-up data. The conclusions of the systematic reviews of evidence for adolescents are consistent with long-term adult studies, which failed to show credible improvements in mental health and suggested a pattern of treatment-associated harms. Three recent papers examined the studies that underpin the practice of youth gender transition and found the research to be deeply flawed. Evidence does not support the notion that “affirmative care” of today’s adolescents is net beneficial. Questions about how to best care for the rapidly growing numbers of gender-dysphoric youth generated an intensity of divisiveness within and outside of medicine rarely seen with other clinical uncertainties. Because the future well-being of young patients and their families is at stake, the field must stop relying on social justice arguments and return to the time-honored principles of evidence-based medicine...

A more recent long-term Swedish study also failed to find that either hormones [39••] or surgery [8••, 40•] improved long-term mental health outcomes of gender dysphoric adults. Originally, the surgical outcomes showed some promise [39••]; however, the methodology was found to be deeply flawed [8••], and upon reanalysis of the surgery data, it emerged that not only did those who refrained from surgery fare no worse, but they also had half as many serious suicidal attempts [40•]. This difference did not reach the threshold of statistical significance, but the apparent doubling in serious suicide attempts among surgically transitioned individuals, as compared to gender-dysphoric controls who did not have surgery, is clinically meaningful and problematic.

Sweden has officially ended the practice of prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors under age 18. They have recognized the experimental nature of treating minors with puberty blockers and hormones and have established new protocols that deviate significantly from WPATH and the “professional associations” that the Canadian government and healthcare authorities are listening to. You can access the official documents and read more at the summary published by the Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine.

A California woman railed against her 11-year-old daughter’s school district over its so-called “parental secrecy” policy after it quietly helped the child transition from female to male – even though the girl wanted the counselor to inform her mom. [ Regino

California school district sued for enabling child’s gender transition and hiding it from parents [ ] Aurora Regino 

California mom confronts school district after 11-year-old changed genders without her knowledge ""During one of the meetings, my daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. They ignored her request and did nothing to support her in letting me know what was going on at school," she told board members at a meeting last Wednesday." [ ]

Maine Mom: School wrong to help, hide gender transition [ ] Amber Lavigne


Nearly 6,000 US public schools hide child’s gender status from parents [ ]

Wyoming parents sue school district for allowing daughter to secretly identify as a boy [ ]


same sex marriage video

Links re same-sex marriage:

Study showing sperm-donor kids are not alright:


68 people on the street:


People would support organization MORE if it was for egalitarian revolution:  published April 13, 2015.  published April 13, 2015.


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