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to remove the rich from power

by John Spritzler

Please be sure to read:

"Persuading Someone to Start"

[Read what two or more people can do in "Let's Get Organized"]

R.C., a good friend of mine, commented elsewhere, "Please outline the successive steps to take, individually and collectively, in 'building a [presumably egalitarian] revolutionary movement.'" This is a wonderful question! Here's my reply:


For an individual:


#1. Read about, and if possible discuss with a friend or two, egalitarianism and egalitarian revolution. A good place to start might be to click here.


#2. Decide if you want an egalitarian revolution (not whether you think it is possible, but just would you want it to happen). If 'yes' then proceed to the next step. If 'no' then forget about it.


#3. Do something to find out to what extent your neighbors (meaning the approximately 40,000 people who live or work or study near you) would also like (or love!) an egalitarian revolution (again, this is different from thinking one is possible.)


A good way to do this is described here. Here's a video of me doing it on the streets of Boston.


If you think this means asking people if they want socialism or Communism, then go back to step #1. If you discover that LOTS of your neighbors would like (or love!) an egalitarian revolution, then proceed to the next step; otherwise forget about it.


#4. Do something to persuade your neighbors to publicly declare their egalitarian revolutionary aspiration. An example of what you can do in this regard is discussed here.  Another example is described here.


#5. In the course of doing #4, try to persuade a person or two or three to join you in building the egalitarian revolutionary movement. When you have succeeded in this, then you are no longer just an individual but part of a collective, even if a very small one at first.


For a collective:


#1. Encourage each member of the collective to do the individual steps #1 through #3 above.


#2. Do the individual steps #4 and #5 above, but on a larger scale now that there are more people doing it.


#3. Recruit more members to the collective.


#4. Consider forming a Local Assembly of Egalitarians and doing what is described here.


#5. Try to persuade people in other neighborhoods (elsewhere in the world) to do all of the above.


#6. Build the egalitarian revolutionary movement as discussed here.

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