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by John Spritzler

August 28, 2023

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The United States ruling class tells giant lies. Here are some of the biggest (in no particular order). 

#1. If you want to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor, then fugetaboutit because nobody else agrees with you. [Read the truth here. While you're at it see here and here.] 

#2. Slavery and Jim Crow and current systemic discrimination against non-whites was/is bad for the non-whites but good ("white privilege") for ordinary white people. [Read the truth here and here.]

#3. Israel's oppression of Palestinians is bad for the Palestinians but good for ordinary Israeli Jews who are kept safe by it, so if you oppose it you're going against the Jews and are thus objectively antisemitic. [Read the truth here  and why the anti-Zionism movement needs to tell it here.]

#4. There is persuasive evidence that Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11. [Read the truth here (a pdf file, might take some time to load.] While you're at it, you should take a look at "The 9/11 Dog that Didn't Bark."

#5. A man who says he is a woman really IS a woman. [Come on, do you really believe this one? This judge, however, does; at least the judge ruled in favor of those who do. Read WHY they tell us this absurd lie here. Read more about this nonsense here and here.]

#6. The reason our lives are shorter and sicker than they ought to be is because we don't have enough good drugs and vaccines yet. [Read the truth here and while you're at it see here re vaccine passports and mandates and lockdowns.]

#7. U.S. foreign policy and warmongering has nothing to do with controlling ordinary Americans. [Actually, that's the MAIN thing it is for; read the proof here.]

#8. People who say that yes, there is climate change but it is not being significantly caused by human-produced C02 and it is not catastrophic, well, those people are 'climate deniers' who say there is no climate change. [How's THAT for an obvious lie? But while you're at it, read about that so-called 97% scientific consensus here.]

#9. Aside from us human beings (and perhaps some conscious animals such as our pets and dolphins and elephants), physical reality consists of just non-sentient dead purposeless matter. The scientists from Sir Isaac Newton to Erwin Schrödinger, who enabled us to build planes that really fly and smart phones that really work, know this; it's only people like new age 'spiritualists' who disagree. [Read the truth here.]

#10. Capitalism might have its serious problems, but the only alternatives are Marxist or theocratic dictatorships, which are much worse. [Read about the real alternative that the ruling class doesn't want you to know about here. While you're at it read "Egalitarianism is ANTI-Marxism" and, regarding economic productivity, here.]

#11. We can use elections to make things fundamentally better. [Read the truth here and also take a look here and here.]

#12. The have-nots can't ever remove the rich from power because the rich have the 82nd Airborne Division and the have-nots only have rifles. [Read the truth here.]

#13. The only reason anybody has for opposing same-sex marriage is bigotry, period. [Read the truth here.]

#14. The U.S. and NATO are fighting a just war against unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine. [Read the truth here.]

#15. It was because FDR was such a wonderful person that we got the New Deal and Social Security. [Read the truth here.] 

#16. Though he had his faults, we nonetheless owe the 1964 Civil Rights Act that abolished Jim Crow to the wonderful anti-racism leadership of LBJ, without whose strong-arming of racists in Congress the Act would never have been passed. [Read the truth here.]

#17. American labor unions made the working class movement strong. [Read the truth here.]

#18. During the U.S. Civil War, most whites in the South supported the Confederacy. [Read the truth here.]

#19. Most whites who are attracted to organizations led by white supremacists want to restore racial inequality with whites having rights that are denied to blacks. [Read the truth here.]

#20. The reason we don't have "medicare for all" (universal single-payer health care) is because the health insurance companies don't want it, period. [Read the truth here.]

#21. World War II was a Good War. [Read the truth here.]

#22. The United States did not arm the Soviet Union during the Cold War. [Yes it did, Big Time! Read the truth here.]

#23. Just because rich people want to be richer than regular people doesn't mean they have to treat the have-nots like dirt. [Actually, yes it does mean that. Read why here; it's the main reason we need no rich and no poor rather than merely less economic inequality.]

#24. Oppressive rulers feel guilty and therefore the oppressed can win improvements by nonviolent appeals to their rulers' conscience. [Read the truth here.]

#25. The U.S. liberal establishment politicians and media work hard to persuade white working class people not to join white supremacist organizations. [Read the truth here.]

#26. The U.S. government did not orchestrate the killing of MLK, Jr. or Malcolm X. [Read the truth here.]

#27.  Rich philanthropists like Bill Gate are doing wonderful things. [Read the truth about Bill Gates here, and about philanthropy here.]

#28. Rich people create jobs. [Read the truth here.]

#29. The reason billionaires want so much money is because they want to buy lots of luxuries like yachts and mansions. [Read the truth here.]

#30. Cooperative (capitalist) economic enterprises can make society good on a large scale. [Read the truth here and here.]

#31. The reason life is so much harder for Americans now than back in the 1960s is that there's so many illegal immigrants in the United States. [Read the truth here and here.]

#32. Only racists dare to talk about black-on-black crime because it undermines the claims of BLM. [Read the truth here.]

#33. As just as the idea is, any actual substantial reparations to the descendants of slaves cannot avoid being extremely divisive. [Read the truth here.]

#34. The friendly treatment by the mass media of the idea of Universal Basic Income shows that the U.S. ruling class wants to make life better for ordinary Americans. [Read the truth here.]

#35. Drag Queen Story Hours for Children are perfectly innocent and only a neo-Nazi would object to them. [Read the truth here.]

#36. If you object to taxing people who work in order to provide things, like health care that are the right of all, to people who can work but refuse to do so, then you're just a selfish jerk. [Read the truth here and here.]

#37. The government instituted Affirmative Action in order to make our society more racially equal. [Read the truth here.]

#38. There's a perfectly good reason why schools praise ancient Greece (despite it being a slave society) while condemning the U.S. antebellum South for being a slave society. [Nope! Read the truth here.]

#39. Although it's not politically correct to say so, come on! The crime statistics show that blacks are a criminal race. [Read the truth here.]

#40. If you're white then police killings are not something that affects you and you have no reason to fear the police. [Read the truth here and here and  here (page 1 and 2).]

#41. The reason there are so many more police killings in the United States than in Europe is because in the U.S. people have guns (that make the police scared of them) but in Europe the people don't have guns. (Read the truth here.]

#42. Conservative FOX NEWS and liberal NPR have opposite goals. [Read the truth here.]

#43. Money and buying and selling things is necessary for ANY non-primitive economy--capitalist or socialist or otherwise--to work. [Read the truth here.]

#44. The cause of economic/class inequality is human nature. [Read the truth here.]

#45. Gandhi never said that the Jews during the Holocaust should have committed mass suicide, and his philosophy of nonviolence acknowledges that it is sometimes moral to use violence to prevent an injustice. [Read the truth here.]

#46. Islam is a uniquely terrible religion and there are very good reasons for fearing and disrespecting Muslims. [Read the truth here.]

#47. Most Americans believe the official story of 9/11. [Read the truth here.]

#48. The Gallup Poll Co. wants Americans to know the truth about what Americans believe. [Read the truth here.]

#49.  A famous experiment, in which people were told by scientists to administer high-voltage lethal shocks to other people, shows that most people will blindly obey the orders of an authority no matter how evil those orders are. [Read the truth here.]

#50.  As that wonderful book, To Kill A Mockingbird, illustrates, the only white people in the American deep South of the 1930s who weren't racists were middle class professionals like the book's lawyer character, Atticus Finch. [Read the truth here.]

#51. Prostitution, a.k.a. "sex work," is just work like any other work such as carpentry or hairdressing. [Read the truth here.]

#52. All those ideas about "From each according to ability, to each according to need" and so forth are just the crazy nonsense invented by Karl Marx. [Read the truth here.]

#53. Given that the government has the might of the entire United States military available, it is absurd for people to defend the right to bear arms on the grounds that people need to be armed (with what? rifles?) to defend against government tyranny. [Read the truth here.]

#54. Freedom of speech is a vitally important principle to defend for ALL people. [Read the truth here.]

#55. American radio stations play the greatest songs. [Really? Look here to decide.]

#56. We Americans may disagree about many things, but we all know it's important to support the national interest. [Read the truth here.]

#57. World War I, a.k.a. "The Great War," was an accidental war that nobody wanted, triggered by an assassination and secret national alliances that resulted in tragic unintended consequences. [Read the truth here.]

#58. If your reform effort/organization admits it aims for an egalitarian revolution, then it will never gain the support from the general public that it needs to win the reform it seeks. [Learn the truth by going to time point 7:19 of this video (watch the beginning for more context); also read here.]

#59. Egalitarians want everybody to be exactly the same in every way. [Read the truth here and here.]

#60. The Founding Fathers of the United States were wonderful people to whom we owe a great debt. [Read the truth here and here.]

#61. Of course there were racist laws in the United States in the past, but there are no such laws today. [Read the truth here.]

#62. Israel and HAMAS are bitter enemies. [Read the truth here.]

#63. Women must choose between being a stay-at-home mom raising her children or having a non-child-raising career. [Read the truth here.]

#64. In the United States the Left is on the side of ordinary people versus Big Money. [Read the truth here.]

#65. Nelson Mandela's wonderful leadership is why black South Africans no longer suffer as they once did under apartheid. [Read the truth here.]

#66. The United States government has worked to prevent mass migration of Muslims. [Read the truth here.]

#67. Islam's notion of Sharia law is profoundly contrary to United States democracy. [Read the truth here.]

#68. Separation of church and state is a fundamentally important principle we must defend. [Read the truth here.]

#69. What makes a government legitimate is when it is fairly elected by the people it governs. [Read the truth here.]

#70. The United States is a democracy (or, if you prefer, it is a democratic republic; or, if you prefer, it is a representative democracy.) [None of the above; read the truth here and here  and a real life example here.]

#71.  Americans are bitterly and fundamentally divided over social issues and there is no way they will ever agree. [Read the truth here.]

#72. Bernie Sanders wants to tax the billionaires more than President Eisenhower did. [Read the truth here.]

#73. The United States Supreme Court serves neither the rich nor the poor; it defends the Constitution against unconstitutional laws and policies. [Read the truth here.]

#74. President Jimmy Carter was an exceptionally moral and kindhearted man on the side of ordinary people. [Read the truth here.]

#75. Large scale organization can only be achieved when people agree to obey a central authority. [Read the truth here.]

#76. Henry Ford was a smart capitalist who paid his workers high wages so they could afford to buy his cars. [Read the truth here.]

#77. United States leaders are fundamentally good well-intentioned people, whatever their faults may be. [Read the truth here.]

#78. When the United States went to war in World War I one major purpose was to make all Americans safe. [Read the truth here.]

#79. As Newt Gingrich said, the so-called Palestinians are an invented people; there was never a nation called Palestine, which means all the talk about Palestinians being denied their national rights is invalid. [Read the truth here.]

#80. The U.S. government's implementation of standardized testing in K-12 public schools was for the purpose of ensuring that students receive a high quality education. [Read the truth here.]

#81. We need to keep our nuclear weapons in order to be safe from foreign enemies. [Read the truth in item #3 here.]

#82. The BLM demand to abolish the police is crazy and that's why even most black people oppose it. [Read the truth here.]

#83. To evaluate a politician listen to what he/she advocates and decide if that sounds good to you. [Read the truth here  and, regarding "big leaders," here and here.]

#84. Because people are so different--having different religious beliefs and belonging to different nations and ethnic groups and having different talents and strengths and weaknesses, not to mention conflicting interests and personalities, and so on--the sad fact is that there is no transcendent value that people will ever share and by which they will be united. [Read the truth here.]

#85. The leaders of the Democratic Party and Republican Party are not in cahoots! [See some photos that show the truth here (PDF file, it takes some time to load); also read about the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump team here.  But for a really good time, read this  and this and watch this video.]

#86. The Mayflower colonists who landed on Plymouth Rock had escaped from British tyranny and proceeded to build the freedom-based society that became the democratic United States, discovering early on that the egalitarian way of doing things didn't work but the capitalist way did. [Read the truth here. ]

#87. In United States cities, the elected mayor controls the city police because we are a democracy, not a police state. [Read the truth here.]

#88. The United States government is based on the profoundly important principle of The Rule of Law. [Read the truth here.]

#89. The Democratic Party and Republican Party are very different and want very different things. [Read the truth here.]

#90. Good people share the very admirable goal of a) ensuring that there is Equality of Opportunity in the United States, and b) eliminating the current obstacles to that goal. [Read the truth here.] 

#91. Because most corporations and governments are committed to Net Zero carbon emissions, we're on our way to achieving that goal. [Read the truth here.] 

#92. The United States and China are heading to war against each other because the values of the leaders of the United States and of the Chinese government are in fundamental conflict. [Read the truth here and here]

#93. It's "Holocaust denial" if one denies that the Nazis killed six-million Jews. [Read the truth here.]

#94. Norway's working class won remarkable economic improvements by relying on nonviolence. [Read the truth here.] 

#95. Iceland solved the greedy bankers problem after the 2008 financial crisis with no need for a revolution--a.k.a. "Iceland Did It Right." [Read the truth here.]

#96. Ken Burns's documentary, "The Vietnam War," tells the truth about that war. [Read the truth here.]

#97. The feminist movement launched by Gloria Steinem with Ms Magazine was a long overdue and necessary response to the oppression of women. [Read the truth here.]

#98. In the United States we are very fortunate to have a professional, objective and neutral free press. [Read the truth here  and, regarding the mass media's actual purpose, here.]

#99. Every adult non-felon citizen should have the right to vote. [Read the truth here.]

#100. There were never white slaves in the United States. [Read the truth here and a related point here.]

#101. Capitalism, whatever its other faults, is the social/economic system that produces more wealth and a higher standard of living for all people than any other system. [Read the truth here.]

#102. People are just too apathetic to make any real change for the better, in part because they know that there is no way to prevent the abuse of power no matter how they might change things. [Read the truth here and here and, regarding how I learned what causes a political sea change, here.]

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