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False Flags & Covid-19


9/11 (like the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the sinking of the Maine and the burning of the Reichstag and virtually all the pretexts for instigating a war in the last two centuries at least) was a false flag [1].


Here's how one can tell that something is very likely a false flag. It must meet two criteria:


Criteria #1) It is used as a pretext to make people obey commands or policies of the rulers (such as to wage a war) that a) benefit the ruling elite at the expense of ordinary people and that b) people would not otherwise willingly obey;




Criteria #2) The official story of the event is simply hard to believe because it is full of holes, containing implausible or contradictory elements (as is clearly the case with 9/11).


If either of these criteria is missing, it's probably not a false flag.


So what about the covid-19 epidemic? Is it likely a false flag? Let's see.


Consider criteria #1. Does it hold for the covid-19 epidemic?


Yes, it is being used by our rulers to make us obey commands (social distancing and stay-at-home orders, etc.) that people would not otherwise obey.


Do these commands, however, benefit the ruling elite at the expense of ordinary people? Well, that depends.


If the SARS-CoV-2 virus is as dangerous as the establishment tells us it is, then the commands to social distance and stay at home wouldn't benefit the ruling elite at the expense of ordinary people; those commands would on the contrary protect ordinary people from harm to their health that is worse than the economic hardship they cause.


But what if the SARS-CoV-2 is not really very dangerous at all--just a flu, no big deal? (Click here to read why this is not actually true.) In that case, yes, the commands to social distance and stay at home would harm ordinary people economically with no compensating greater health benefit. But would these commands benefit the ruling elite?


That's not a simple question to answer. Some economists are predicting a Greater Depression--worse than the Great Depression. [2] The stock market has crashed big time already. Profits are down, not up. I suppose some very rich people may profit by buying stocks that are now very cheap in expectation that they will eventually rise in value. On the whole I don't think this epidemic is a money-maker for the ruling elite. The ruling elite make money by making working class people work for them, not by making working class people stay at home!

Some people say that the ruling class is using the covid-19 epidemic and social distancing orders to prohibit demonstrations and that THAT is the secret purpose of the false flag epidemic. But what's actually happening is that there are an increasing number of strikes or job actions, by Amazon warehouse workers and Whole Foods workers and GE workers and others sparked by the epidemic making the greed of the rulers and their contempt for ordinary people even more obvious. How does this serve the ruling class?

Furthermore, the ruling class conspicuously did NOT use the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to ban the Black Lives Matter protests. Not only did the liberal establishment politicians, who were friendly towards the BLM protesters, not use the pandemic as an excuse to ban the protests, but neither did Trump despite his hostility to the protests. Trump never said the protests were bad because they helped the virus spread; he only said they were bad for very different reasons.

Additionally, it's a curious "false flag" that makes people do what the ruling class, until the pandemic, has always wanted people NOT to do: wear masks in public. The ruling class has gone to great lengths to create facial recognition software to use with ubiquitous surveillance cameras in public places, all of which is rendered ineffective by everybody wearking masks now! Not to mention that Apple Corporation spend god nows how much money to make its new smart phones work by facial recognition instead of fingerprint recognition, and now those smart phones are a pain in the ass to use when one is out and about wearing a mask.

Some people say that the ruling class is benefiting by having the government give it lots of money as bailouts justified by the economic collapse caused by the covid-19 epidemic. This ignores a basic fact. The wealth of the ruling class consists of its ownership of actual physical wealth (natural resources such as land and the minerals underground and the physical products produced with them by human labor) and services provided by human labor--not money. Put a billionaire on a deserted island alone with a huge pile of thousand dollar bills and he/she would be no better off than without that pile (except for being able  burn it for some heat I suppose.)


Think about this! When workers go on strike, especially a general strike, the ruling class gets extremely angry and worried. The rulers certainly don't say, "Hey, no problem. Let the workers stay on strike. Who cares? We can just bail ourselves out by having the government (or Federal Reserve) print a ton of money and give it to us." The rulers don't respond to strikes this way because they KNOW where their actual wealth and power comes from and of what it consists, and it's not pieces of paper money or entries in a digital bank file!


I think the case for covid-19 meeting criteria #1 is weak, at best.


What about criteria #2?


Is the official story of the covid-19 epidemic simply hard to believe because it is full of holes, containing implausible or contradictory elements?


I have not seen such holes and implausible or contradictory elements. First of all, very dangerous epidemics have occurred many times in human history (unlike some guys in a cave succeeding in attacking a military building that is the most highly protected building in the world). There is nothing implausible about a dangerous epidemic happening today. The statements about the SARS-CoV-2 virus seem plausible--nothing is absurd or contradictory about them, not like the claim that Mohamed Atta's passport survived to land on the ground safe and undamaged.


But OK, maybe there ARE some implausible or contradictory elements in the official story of the covid-19 epidemic that I am not aware of.


Here's the thing.


Given that there is a very weak, at best, case for criteria #1 holding for the covid-19 epidemic, the following is true.


Anybody who aims to make a persuasive case that the epidemic is a false flag must demonstrate that its official story includes some implausible, contradictory elements.




Just because the ruling elite do often carry out false flags and do often lie, doesn't mean that a dangerous virus isn't causing a dangerous epidemic today. Do you think viruses say, "Gee, I guess I won't go on a rampage against humans because their rulers often lie and carry out false flags"?


Furthermore, just because the ruling elite are an oppressive class (i.e., evil) doesn't mean that whatever they do is an evil act. Ruling elites need to maintain at least a certain minimum of public approval and legitimacy in the eyes of the public, in order to remain in power.


Ordinary people, contrary to what leftists and some other anti-establishment people believe, do NOT have the same evil values as the ruling elite. No, most ordinary people have positive values of equality and mutual aid that are the opposite of the elite's values of inequality and domination. This is why the ruling elite FEARS ordinary people, and must work hard to make the public not see how awful are the actual values of the ruling elite.


This is WHY, when ruling elites wage a war, they NEED to use a false flag to make the war seem in the eyes of the public to be a just, defensive, war against a horrible enemy.


Hitler needed this minimum of public approval and legitimacy in the eyes of the public and this is why he cancelled the evil euthanasia program in response to huge public anger against it. He feared losing power otherwise!


FDR, after sending military forces against striking workers with shoot-to-kill orders finally realized that the ruling elite risked being removed from power by a revolution unless it gained sufficient legitimacy and public approval and THIS is why FDR instituted the New Deal.[3]


So, when somebody like NY Gov. Cuomo (who, yes, is an agent of the oppressive ruling class) acts in a way that most people very understandably perceive as acting in the interest of public health in response to the covid-19 epidemic, this doesn't mean that his public-health measures must really be some diabolical evil act. Cuomo, like FDR and like Hitler, has to do something truly good in order to keep himself and the upper class he serves in power.


You can hate the ruling class and its politicians all you want (and I will join you in that!) but please don't let your anger at them prevent you from understanding what they do and why they do it.


Sometimes a supposedly very dangerous virus epidemic is really a very dangerous virus epidemic. The only way to decide if it is or not is by looking at the virus and its effect on people; expressing anger at how evil some evil people are will not answer the question about the virus.


By the way, the rumor going around that a top British scientist changed his mind and now no longer thinks the covid-19 epidemic is so serious, is false. [4]


If you think the covid-19 epidemic is a false flag, then show the EVIDENCE that it meets criteria #1 and #2.



1. See my website about 9/11 at

2. (note that the author is one of the very few economists who predicted the 2008 crash.)



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