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August 17, 2021

by John Spritzler (

A non-corrupt anti-Zionist movement would make it a top priority to refute the Zionist Big Lie that says Israeli violence against Palestinians is for the purpose of making ordinary Jews safe.

A non-corrupt anti-Zionist movement would PERSUASIVELY refute the Zionist Big Lie by telling the general public the truth:

Israel is not a state of the Jewish people; it is a state of--controlled by--the Jewish billionaires who have contempt for ordinary Jews, who oppress them terribly and have no genuine concern for their welfare. The reason why the Israeli ruling class treats Palestinians like dirt is not simply to grab more land from them but to provoke their anger and violence against Israel so as to make them be perceived by Israeli Jews as a frightening existential threat, a bogeyman enemy that enables the Israeli ruling class, by pretending to protect Israeli Jews from their "real enemy," to control ordinary Israeli Jews whom it oppresses economically--severely!--to enrich the billionaires. That is the true PURPOSE of Israeli violence against Palestinians. I prove this in my article, "Israel's Government Attacks Ordinary Jews As Well As Palestinians" at .

A non-corrupt anti-Zionist movement, by refuting the Zionist Big Lie, would win over to its side the great majority of the public, i.e., the many good people who, to their credit, want nothing to do with anything they perceive to be against the Jews and who, as long as they believe the Zionist Big Lie, will perceive the anti-Zionist movement as antisemitic in effect if not intent because it opposes Israeli violence that is (they wrongly believe) for the good purpose of making Jews safe.


But the anti-Zionist movement does NOT refute the Zionist Big Lie, as I show in my "Who REFUTES the Zionist Big Lie?" at .


I suspect* one key reason why the anti-Zionist organizations don't refute the Zionist Big Lie is because some of their funding comes from wealthy people who do not want it to do so, people such as the billionaire George Soros, as the American Center for Democracy has written about from its pro-Zionist slant at ; also see more on this at . It's also true that BDS has publicly opposed Soros and his Open Society Foundation: see All I know for sure is that BDS, for whatever reason, is not refuting the Zionist Big Lie.

Why do wealthy "anti-Zionists" (the quote marks are necessary here!) not want the Zionist Big Lie to be refuted? Here's why.

Refuting the Zionist Big Lie persuasively, with the truth, means showing that the actual conflict in Palestine is not "the Palestinians versus the Jews" but rather a) ordinary Palestinians AND Jews, versus b) the very rich upper class Jews who rule Israel and the upper class Palestinians (in the Palestine Authority [ ] and leaders of Hamas [ ]) who, for their own corrupt reasons, are in a tacit alliance with the Israeli ruling class. It means framing the conflict as a class conflict, not a race/ethnic conflict.


Rich people don't want anything framed as a class conflict because when the have-nots class wins, the haves class--the billionaire plutocracy and its hangers-on--ceases to exist. What the upper class rulers DO want is for people to take a side--either side!--in a race/ethnic conflict/war. This is how the ruling classes' divide-and-rule strategy works. When anti-Zionists take the side of Palestinians in a "Palestinians versus Jews" framework, as anti-Zionist leaders are now implicitly if not explicitly doing, then they are acting essentially as a controlled (by the Zionist oppressors) opposition, not a real opposition to the oppression of anybody.

The anti-Zionist movement's leaders have apparently been corrupted by their big money funders*, and (since the only other explanation would be stupidity and they are not stupid) this is why they don't do the most important thing required to win: refute the Zionist Big Lie! I was personally expelled from Jewish Voice for Peace for the "crime" of asking that my article refuting the Zionist Big Lie be discussed by the membership (see details about this at .)

Those who want to see the anti-Zionist movement win, by gaining the support of the great majority of the public and not just the support of the minority who will "side with Palestinians against Jews," must build a NEW anti-Zionist movement, from scratch, that makes its top priority refuting the Zionist Big Lie. I encourage you to share my articles linked to above as widely as you can, to start building a non-corrupted anti-Zionist movement that can actually WIN.


* I would LOVE for the anti-Zionist leaders to prove me wrong by refuting the Zionist Big Lie and telling the public the truth about the Zionist leaders' real motive for Zionist violence against Palestinians. What a wonderful thing that would be! Time will tell, right?

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