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All too often the residents of a neighborhood who are trying to make their neighborhood a beautiful,  comfortable and desirable place to live are frustrated by City Hall and rich developers who just want to use the neighborhood to make the rich richer. Developers come in with plans that neighborhood residents object to. City Hall allows the residents to come to hearings and write letters but it does little good because the City Hall politicians are beholden to the rich far more than to ordinary residents.


An egalitarian revolution would end this injustice. It would create a society, first of all, with no rich and no poor, and an economy that was NOT based on profit but rather producing the things and services that people--as equals--need and want, to be shared freely according to need and reasonable desire among those who work reasonably (as discussed in the section on Jobs above). So there would be no rich developers. Instead people whose "reasonable work" was designing and building and maintaining developments would only get a green light to construct a new development when the local community assembly gave them the green light. The local community assembly is open to all egalitarians in the local community (i.e., people who support equality and democracy and mutual aid--in other words the vast majority of people) and ONLY they, and they have an equal say in its decisions. This way, developments would be what neighborhood residents want, not what rich developers out to make a big profit force them  to grudgingly accept.


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