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This video is about how, for 13 years now, increasing numbers of American local governments (such as the one described here) have been passing laws that bar corporations from doing bad (anti-egalitarian) things in the local community. This is one way that people with egalitarian values are trying to shape society by their values and prevent corporate elites from shaping society by the opposite values. In most (every?) case, these laws are actually illegal, because they make something illegal that the state government says is legal, and state governments tell local governments they cannot do that. (In an egalitarian society, in contrast, local assemblies of egalitarians would be the ONLY bodies that can make laws that people in the local community must obey.)


Apparently the state governments have not (yet?) over-ruled the local governments, and these local laws have been enforced with some success, or at least the corporation that was intending to do something (that provoked people to pass the local law against it) decided not to do it after the law was passed.


Perhaps this will spread, and at some point push will come to shove: the corporate/political elite (and our ruling class of billionaires to whom this elite is beholden) will have to choose between allowing ordinary Americans to make our society genuinely equal and democratic, or put the kabosh on this movement that threatens the power of the rich. The outcome will be decided by the side that brings to bear the greatest force or credible threat of force against the other. We can prevail in this contest of force, because we can build an egalitarian revolutionary movement that is so large and so inspiring that it can persuade a critical mass of soldiers to refuse orders (from the rich) to attack us and even to use their weapons to help us defend ourselves against those who would attack us violently. For more discussion of this, go here.



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