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One of the worst aspects of our present non-egalitarian society based on class inequality is this: The ruling plutocracy pits ordinary people against each other along racial and other lines in order to divide and rule us. The rulers know that most people hate being ruled over by an extremely rich, privileged and powerful ruling class. And the rulers know that the only way to prevent people from removing them from power is by destroying solidarity among ordinary people. This is why the rulers use lies and manipulation to foment mistrust and resentment (and in some cases even outright mutual contempt, fear and violence) between people of different groups based on race (the main such division in the United States) and other differences such as religion, ethnicity, gender and citizenship status.


Consider the massive Muslim migration into Europe and, to a lesser but still substantial extent into the United States. This article reports on the writing of Kelly Greenhill, an academic adviser to ruling class think tanks whose bookWeapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy, explains how the ruling class of one nation uses forced ("engineered") mass migration of refugees into another nation (the "host" nation) as a weapon to coerce the rulers of the host nation to do this or that. The coercion works best, Greenhill argues, when the population in the host nation is sharply divided into two opposed camps, one saying let the refugees in and the other saying keep them out. This division of the host population, according to Greenhill, creates a huge problem for the host nation leaders, especially if the host nation is a "liberal democracy" such as the United States in which the leaders must try to accomodate the desires of all the people in its population. To escape the dilemma of having to satisfy the two camps with opposing demands, the host rulers are inclined to accede to the demands of the rulers who have engineered the mass migration.


Greenhill's book is written for an elite ruling class audience, but it is also a book that can be read by anybody. For this reason some of the things Greenhill is communicating to her intended audience cannot be stated explicitly. A sharp example of this is the fact that Greenhill cannot "let the cat out of the bag," i.e., she cannot acknowledge the well-known fact that the United States is a dictatorship of the rich--an oligarchy or plutocracy to be precise. Instead she "plays the game" of pretending that the United States is a genuine democracy in which the rulers must do their best to accommodate the desires of all the people in the general population. It's as if she's winking to her elite readership. Greenhill thus pretends that the only people who would ever want to create a sharp division of the population of a host nation, into a camp in favor and a camp opposed to the engineered mass migration, are the rulers of a different nation. She never so much as hints that the rulers of the host nation, itself, might want to divide-and-rule "their own" people. But surely Greenhill and her intended elite readers get the point, without her having to "spill the beans" to the other readers by making the point explicitly.


The ruling class of the United States uses divide-and-rule all the time, especially along racial lines, and it is not hard to see that it is using mass migration for the same purpose. Part of this strategy requires creating as much internal conflict as possible between those for and those opposed to allowing the immigrants (be they Mexicans or Muslims) to enter. The liberal "Let the Muslim refugees immigrate--it's bigotry to keep them out" politicians and the ones like Donald "keep the Muslim refugees out" Trump are in cahoots; they are not real antagonists. The ruling class divide-and-rule strategy requires both a Donald Trump and a Hillary Clinton (and their equivalents in European nations) on opposite sides of the "ban all Muslims from entering" issue.


Here are links to articles, books and publicly displayed notices that expose divide-and-rule lies and manipulations:




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