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A Great Idea Deserves a Button and a Sticker!


Our button and sticker have the same image, as above (it's a full circle of green background although some devices display it with the top and bottom parts missing).


The sticker is 2 7/8 inches in diameter and costs us $.25 per sticker to obtain from the supplier.


Our button is 2 1/4 inches in diameter, with a pin at the back and costs us $.36/button to obtain from the supplier.


We have a "buttonship" fund that enables us to provide buttons and stickers for free to egalitarians who want to use them to help build the egalitarian revolutionary movement. Please contact us by email to discuss receiving buttons or stickers for free; put "stickers" or "buttons" in the subject line and include your postal address (where to send the buttons/stickers) in the message.


To get buttons or stickers from PDR or to contribute to PDR's "buttonship fund" please  email us at saying what you'd like to do and go here to see how to send a payment; put "buttons" or "stickers" in the subject line. You may also use any commercial button-making company (just do an online search for "buttons") to obtain these PDR buttons by just sending them the button's image as a PDF file and buying the buttons directly from that company. A link to the PDR button's PDF file is at the very bottom (where its a black background) of every page on this website.


Wearing this button is a terrific way to discover that other people very enthusiastically agree with it. You'll find out, as we have over and over again, that the person who rings up your groceries in the supermarket or items at a drug store, the person who sits next to you on a bus or subway, your bank teller (not the ATM!), and all sorts of people you might not ever have expected to have egalitarian revolutionary aspirations--do! They'll read the button and their face will light up in pleasant surprise and they'll say, "I love it!" That's when you can ask them if they'd like a button, and give them one and call their attention to the "" website.


Additionally, the more people who wear this button or display the sticker, the more evident it will become to more and more people that in having egalitarian revolutionary aspirations we are not alone. In this way, the button supplements the signatures for "This I Believe." So consider buying not only one button to wear, but more to hand out to others. It's fun, and it helps build the revolutionary movement.





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