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February 22, 2020

The pundits base their analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the politicians vying for the Democratic Party nomination on a false picture of reality.

The false picture portrays the American public as people whose beliefs form a continuous spectrum from so-called "left" to so-called "right" with most being somewhere in the middle, and with a small number on the left and a small number on the right. In this picture Bernie Sanders is on the far left and Donald Trump is on the far right. Also in this picture, any candidate whose views are on one side will lose votes from people whose views are on the other side; the farther to one side a candidate's views are, the more people on the other side will not vote for him/her. To win, according to the pundits, a candidate must therefore appeal to the large middle.

Here's what's totally wrong with this picture.

First, the nature of the "left to right" spectrum is not the reality. Most of the people who support Bernie Sanders and most of the people who support Donald Trump are in fundamental AGREEMENT in thinking it is a good (or a great!) idea to "remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor." (I know this because I have asked random people in both camps.) There is no place in the pundit's "left to right" spectrum for this viewpoint, which is the egalitarian viewpoint.

Furthermore, most people--regardless of for whom they intend to vote, and regardless even of whether they intend to vote at all (most don't!)--also share the egalitarian viewpoint. (You can verify this by asking random people, just as I have asked literally thousands of them.)

The great majority of people who share the egalitarian viewpoint have no politician with that viewpoint to support--not a single one.

The egalitarian viewpoint is NOT what Bernie Sanders talks about (he's for merely taxing the billionaires, not for having no rich and no poor; and he's for Big Government, a.k.a. democratic socialism, not for real democracy that is based on local assemblies of egalitarians having sovereign power.)

And obviously Donald Trump is not advocating "no rich and no poor"!

The pundits are flat out wrong in portraying Americans as all falling in a spectrum from Sanders to Trump as if those politicians--who both oppose the egalitarian idea that most people favor--were the "bookends" of viewpoints held by the public.

The spectrum from Sanders to Trump is merely the range of anti-egalitarian views that the ruling class deigns to offer the public to vote for. This is the big secret that the pundits dare not reveal.

Don't forget why the U.S. ruling plutocracy really holds elections. To refresh your memory, go to .

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