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"What Now?"


"How the Left Drove 53% of White Women to Vote for Trump"




[Also see "The Clinton/Trump Team" and "Clinton"]


Donald Trump obviously said things to appeal to working class people for their votes. In fact, he said things that no politician of either major party had ever dared to say: he gave a loud, giant and unrestrained "Fuck You!" to the entire political elite of both parties and thereby appeared to champion working class people who hate those elites for treating them like dirt. 


At the same time, it is undeniable that Trump is actually a champion of class inequality: he wants enormous wealth and power and privilege for the few and the left-over crumbs for the many.


Trump says American wages are TOO HIGH:


"We have to become competitive with the world. Our taxes are too high, our wages are too high. Everything is too high. We have to compete with other countries."

Notice Trump's sly use of the word "we" here. "We have to become competitive with the world" really means "You wage workers who work for billionaires like me--you have to take cuts in your wages so that we can increase our profits."

Capitalists have been telling workers they need to compete with lower paid workers for centuries.  Men were told they needed to compete with lower paid women in the textile mills of New England. Workers in the northern states were told they needed to compete with lower paid workers in the South. Whites were told they needed to compete with blacks who were lower paid or who could be hired for lower pay. The latest version of this scam is that American workers need to compete against lower paid foreign workers.

What American working people really need is to cooperate, not compete, with foreign workers to remove the rich from power everywhere so we can cooperate with each other economically.


Economic cooperation would mean entering into mutual agreements with working people elsewhere in a sharing economy (described here) or at least entering into mutual agreements to trade economic products when it is mutually beneficial to do so.


The fact is that if the United States were the only country on the planet we would be able to live much better than most of us presently do now. With only American land and natural resources, American workers can produce so much wealth that if it were used for the benefit of Americans in an egalitarian (no rich and no poor) society, we would have a HUGE improvement in our lives. And we wouldn't be competing with foreign workers at all.

The ONLY reason we are pitted in competition with foreign workers is because that's one of the main ways that billionaires like Donald Trump control us. It's one form of divide-and-rule.

What about Trump's claim that "Our taxes are too high"?

What Trump really means, of course, is not that our taxes are too high but that his taxes, and the taxes on billionaires like him, are too high. Recently (2024) Trump told his rich donors, "We're gonna give you tax cuts.'

The fact is that in an egalitarian ("From each according to ability, to each according to need") society there would be NO TAXES. People who contribute (work, go to school or apprenticeship programs, care for children, etc.) reasonably according to ability (or are too young or old or are physically or mentally unable to contribute) don't owe society anything more--they "pay their taxes" by working, and in exchange they are able to take for free whatever they reasonably need or desire (or have an equal status to receive scarce things that are equably rationed according to need.) In an egalitarian society there are NO TAXES; in fact no money.

The ONLY reason we have any taxes at all is because Billionaires like Trump want our society to be based on money so that people like him can amass billions of dollars and claim (absurdly!!) to personally own all of the social wealth (produced by countless other people who, you know, worked) that those billions of dollars purchased or could purchase.

Trump knew he could not win working class votes by promising to lower our wages (he directed that promise to his fellow capitalists [here]). Trump appeals to working class people by promising to "Make America Great Again." According to Trump this means the following things:


1. Trump will stop allowing corporations to get away with using cheap foreign labor to destroy American jobs. Apparently Trump thinks these corporations should instead force American workers to work for lower wages, in other words become cheap labor just like the foreign workers. What a HUGE improvement that is, uh? 

2. Trump will build a wall on the U.S./Mexican border to prevent Mexicans from illegally entering the U.S. and deport 11 million illegal immigrants currently inside the U.S. This is divide-and-rule. Trump wants us to view working class Mexicans who, just like us, want an egalitarian society with no rich and no poor, as our enemy. The facts are (as detailed here) that these illegal immigrants from Mexico are not on average any more criminal than Americans. The main reason they have come to the United States is because billionaires like Trump did things to force them to come illegally so they could be used as cheap labor and made a scapegoat to turn us against them instead of the billionaires.

3. Trump will stop all Muslims from entering the U.S. What Trump doesn't say is that the only reason Muslims seem frightening to us now but didn't in previous decades is that Trump's billionaire class--the American ruling plutocracy--needed a new bogeyman enemy after the old Communist bogeyman enemy went out of business, and it decided to make Muslims the new bogeyman. To implement this the plutocracy made 9/11 happen as an inside job. The plutocracy also does things to make Muslims angry--furious!--at the U.S. so that some will commit acts of terrorism. And when that isn't sufficient, the FBI induces Muslims to commit acts of terrorism. The ruling plutocracy--Trump included--creates and then uses our fear of Muslims to control us, as discussed in more detail here. Click here to see what Trump doesn't want you to know about Muslims.

4. Trump will defend the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. Good. The working class has a good reason for wanting to be armed, as discussed here--to overthrow tyranny. The problem is that Trump doesn't want working class people to use those arms to remove the tyrannical ruling plutocracy billionaires from power, and as president he would use the armed police and military to try to prevent that from happening. 

5. Trump will (in fact already does) defend ordinary white Americans against the FALSE accusation made by many liberals and Leftists that ordinary white people are oppressing blacks in order to enjoy and benefit from a so-called racist "white privilege." The problem is the way Trump does this. The truthful way is to say that the ruling billionaire class has--for centuries--used racial discrimination (starting with chattel slavery, then Jim Crow and now the new Jim Crow of racist prison incarceration) to destroy solidarity between black and white working class people, by creating mutual fear and mistrust and resentment between them, in order to more easily dominate and exploit working class people of ALL races. This is why, among working class people, AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL. But Trump never says this. Instead of acknowledging the fact of racial discrimination against blacks and Hispanics and saying it is an injury that HARMS white working class people too, he denies the fact of racial discrimination and thereby turns his white followers against blacks and Hispanics: more divide-and-rule that only helps the billionaire class that Trump serves. Read more about this here.

6. Trump will end the "sweetheart" deals that corrupt defense contractors now have that cheat the American government by selling it junk for top dollar. That sounds like a great promise. Just like Bill Clinton's promise that if elected, he would not sign a bill implementing NAFTA unless it included additional agreements that protected labor. But the bill he signed gave us a NAFTA that has enabled countless employers to threaten workers that their jobs would be sent to Mexico unless they accepted deep cuts in pay and benefits. Or the promise made by Ronald Reagan who ran for president in 1980 with a campaign brochure that said, “What about inflation? It's a disaster, because the government continues to spend billions of dollars more than it takes in.” What did Reagan do as president? Federal spending grew by an average of 2.5 percent a year, adjusted for inflation, while Reagan was president. The national debt exploded, increasing from about $700 billion to nearly $3 trillion. If we could deposit in our bank accounts a nickel for every promise we've gotten from politicians, we'd be billionaires too! 

7. Trump will support Israel's racist ethnic cleansing of non-Jews in Palestine 100%. This racist ethnic cleansing benefits only the very rich in Israel and in the United States and other Middle East nations, as discussed more fully here​.

Trump's Populism is Phony

Trump is relying on the wealthiest Americans for financial backing, as this article titled, "Trump's New Donors Confirm His Populist Politics Were a Charade," shows.

Is There Anything Good about Donald Trump?

Yes, sort of. Trump, in total contrast with Hillary Clinton, says he is opposed to going to war against Russia. In that vein Trump says things such as that he'd get along fine with Putin, and that the U.S. should stop being a policeman to the world. Unfortunately, Trump's being a dove to Russia is only one side of a coin, the other side of which is his being a hawk to China. Trump is helping the American plutocracy control us by keeping us fearful of a bogeyman enemy, which is what the Cold War against the Soviet Union was actually all about, as discussed here. The only difference between Trump and Obama/Clinton is whether to make Russia or China that bogeyman enemy.


The person in the Oval Office, however, does not make U.S. foreign policy; the plutocracy in organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations does. What the government actually does has little to do with who sits in the Oval Office, as discussed in great detail here.

Were Trump and Clinton in Cahoots? 

Very possibly they were. Click here to see why.

Do Your Civic Duty and VOTE! :)


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