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Beware of the Gallup Poll

June 17, 2019

[This is an excerpt from my book, NO RICH AND NO POOR.]

The Gallup Polling Company won’t ask people what they think about egalitarian revolution. Here's how I discovered that fact.

I contacted the Gallup Poll company division of Gallup, Inc.* in October of 2016 to pay for a national poll of all United States residents (not just registered voters) asking just two yes-or-no questions. (I didn’t tell them what the questions were at first; the questions asked if the message on the PDR button was a good idea or a bad idea.) I spoke to Gallup representatives on two occasions by telephone. They were very friendly, said they could do what I wanted, and seemed pleased to take my money. But as soon as they heard what the exact questions were that I wanted in the poll, they said they would not do it. Here are the exact questions I put in my last email to the Gallup representative:

Some people say, "Let's remove the rich from power, have real--not fake--democracy, with no rich and no poor."

Q #1. If this were really possible, would you like it to happen?

Yes  or No (or not sure)

Q #2. If you knew that an organization sincerely wanted this to happen, would that make you think better or worse of the organization?

Better or Worse (or not sure)

Here’s the reply I received after I sent the exact questions I wanted:

From: "Joe Daly" <>
To: "John Spritzler" <>
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 1:17:26 PM
Subject: RE: Draft of two questions for national public release poll (all adult Americans)

Hi John,

Thanks for providing this information. Upon review this is not a project we can move forward with. For the reasons we discussed yesterday – scope or work and length of engagement. Additionally, the questions and subsequent data would not be the right fit for Gallup.

Thanks again for your interest in our organization.

All the best,

There were no “reasons we discussed yesterday—scope or work and length of engagement”; that was just a dodge. Clearly however, as Joe Daly said, “the questions and subsequent data would not be the right fit for Gallup.” Gallup is not in the business of undermining the power of the ruling class by informing the public that the vast majority wants to remove the rich from power to have real—not fake—democracy with no rich and no poor.

Mass media doesn't aim to make you believe its big lies, but to make you believe that everybody ELSE does, to make you hopeless.


* Other polling companies informed me they could only poll registered voters or people online, which is not suitable in this context.

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