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By John Spritzler

June 7, 2023

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There is something that people who hate FOX* don't know. Here it is.

The huge numbers of people who think that the woke gender affirmation stuff** is dangerously idiotic are for the most part pro-egalitarians and not pro-capitalists or pro-class-inequality people, as I discovered and wrote about at and as you can verify for yourself by doing what I did.

Here's the thing. These anti-woke people have absolutely no mass media agreeing with them that the woke stuff is absurd, except FOX. That is why they watch FOX, not because they agree with the pro-capitalism of FOX.

The same thing holds not just regarding gender affirmation, but regarding race too.


For example, when doctors at a Boston hospital advocated in the name of "anti-racism" giving preferential treatment to non-white patients, the only mass media that expressed very appropriate disagreement with this absurdity was FOX. The liberal media (all of it) lied to its audience by telling them a) that the plan was merely to end racial discrimination and never mentioning that it was explicitly for preferential treatment for non-whites, and b) that neo-Nazis had demonstrated against the plan, which shows that the only reason anybody could have for opposing the plan is pure racist objection to the goal of ending racial discrimination.

Liberals SHOULD have objected to this plan--MLK, Jr. surely would have!--but they did not. The liberals essentially invited neo-Nazis to be the ONLY group that opposed the plan, and in this way actually helped FOX to help the neo-Nazis recruit. Read the gory details about this at .


The purpose of FOX (which acts as a team with NPR*, etc. for divide-and-rule) is to channel the anger at woke nonsense (absurd nonsense deliberately advocated by the ruling class by its liberal mass media to provoke this anger) into the pro-capitalism*** FOX framework (there being no other mass media platform in which this anger can be expressed.)

So, when those who hate FOX dismiss people who like an article on FOX as right wing pro-capitalism nuts, they are being suckered by the ruling class that wants them to believe EXACTLY that.


Come on! Wake up!


* FOX NEWS is the main conservative, pro-capitalist, mass media in the United States. NPR (National Public Radio) is the chief national liberal mass media in the United States.

** And also related nonsense such as the assertion that males should be allowed to use girls/women's locker/shower rooms if they say they are female, as discussed here. and the assertion that such males should be allowed to compete against girls/women in sports events, as in this example.

*** The pro-capitalism of both NPR and FOX is expressed implicitly, by their avoidance of ever expressing any opposition to capitalism and the class inequality it is based upon; this is how they endorse the capitalist status quo. Neither station would ever let its audience know that most people want to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor--never!

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