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To join the NO RICH & NO POOR email Google group for people who want to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor, here's how. 

Just send an email (no subject or message) to:

and then you will receive an email asking you to either just reply to it or click "Join This Group" in the email.

Alternatively, you may just send an email to, with "NO RICH & NO POOR" in the subject line, asking to be subscribed to the NO RICH & NO POOR email group and I, John Spritzler, will have Google send you an email invitation that you just need to reply to (without writing any message) in order to get subscribed.


You may need to check your spam folder and mark these emails as not spam until they start going into your inbox properly.

To send a post use the email address: , or reply to an earlier post by using "reply all" so that both the email address of the individual who made the earlier post AND the email address are in the "To: " field.

Directions for unsubscribing to the group and for reading previous posts are at the bottom of each group post.

To view previous posts online, go to!forum/norichnopoor .

To receive only infrequent emails from this group (bundles of 25 individual posts), or even none at all (you can view them online whenever you wish), do this:

1) Go to!forum/norichnopoor.


2) Click on "my groups," which is located near the upper left corner.

3) Look for the row for this group, named NO RICH & NO POOR and at the right hand side of that row there is a menu box that, by default, says "every new message." This means you currently receive every new message sent to the group. You can change this by clicking on the little down arrow in the left of the box and selecting a different option about how often, if ever, to receive emails from the group.


I created this email group on May 15, 2019 and am its "owner"; you can contact me at .



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