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Our first phase goal was 1000 signatures for "This I Believe," which we have now passed, with almost all signatures collected by just two people in Boston.

Our second phase goal is 10,000 signatures, which will require more people collecting signatures.


Our ultimate goal: persuading enough people to collect signatures so that 130 million people (a majority of adults in the United States) sign "This I Believe" and 130 million people KNOW that 130 million people signed it.

Here's a large PDF file online with 1,740 signatures, each pretty clearly visible if you zoom in.

 Here's a YouTube video displaying the actual paper signature sheets with 1,740 signatures.

 Signatures Above Are for

"This I Believe"



See More Signatures Displayed Here

Here are almost all of our current signatures displayed to the public on a large banner



These signatures visible above had to be scanned to get them all on a single document, and then that document had to be scanned again to make a file with a small enough file size to go on this website, which is why the quality is poor. Suggestions are appreciated for how to display our growing number of signatures--a very welcome problem indeed.



Where Are All The Signatures From?


Most are from the locations listed below and are on paper signature sheets; some are from people signing online here.


Online: 40 signatures


Boston, MA area: 1754 signatures  (almost all collected by just two people)


New Hampshire: 61 signatures (almost all collected by just three people) View them here, here, here and here.


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