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Beware of John Oliver!

March 16, 2021

John Oliver promotes the ruling class’s divide-and-rule Big Lie that Tucker Carlson’s white supremacy is good for ordinary white people and only bad for non-whites.


This is the standard ruling class Big Lie that told poor whites in the South that the Jim Crow racist laws (a.k.a. white supremacy) were good for poor whites. The truth is the opposite, as MLK, Jr. explains in a wonderful speech that you can read and listen to by going to this article; and if you still have any doubts about this then read the articles linked to under its title. And if you want to know what ordinary whites who are attracted to white supremacy/white nationalist organizations believe, and how the leaders of these organizations have utter contempt for their followers, read this.


When you listen carefully to John Oliver's video (in the Guardian article attached here), you will note the following:

1. Oliver shows (very persuasively, and truthfully) that Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist despite his avoidance of the overt words and phrases associated with white supremacy and racism.

2. Oliver uses, as evidence of Carlson's white supremacy, Carlson's statements purporting (in veiled language) to be defending the welfare of ordinary white people, but only of ordinary white people. (Oliver shows that Carlson only cares about whites by, for example, contrasting Tucker's very respectful words describing the virtually all-white January 6 rioters versus his very disrespectful words describing the BLM protesters.)

3. Oliver never even hints that Carlson's white supremacy, like the old Jim Crow laws, IS NOT TRULY BENEFICIAL FOR ORDINARY WHITE PEOPLE BUT ACTUALLY HARMS THEM! (Again, if you don't understand this fact, read MLK, Jr.'s explanation linked to above, and the articles it in turn links to.)

4. Oliver thus completely accepts without question (and thus implicitly affirms) the Big Lie that white supremacy benefits and defends ordinary whites. Oliver (wrongly!) talks about whites in the U.S. exactly the same way that Carlson talks about them, as if they were all part of the ruling class and as if white supremacy was about keeping them all part of the ruling class. This is the same Big Lie that the slave owners in the South told the poor whites!

NOTE: The way effective propaganda works is by staging a big debate between two opposing sides that both base their arguments on the same (downplayed) assumption, the assumption that is the ACTUAL message of the propaganda. In this case, the false and very divisive assumption shared by both Carlson and Oliver is that ordinary whites are today part of the ruling class thanks to racial discrimination; the debate is merely about whether whites should remain in power (Carlson's position) or be removed from power (Oliver's position.)

5. Oliver frames social conflict in the US in racial terms, whites versus non-whites, which is EXACTLY how the ruling class wants it to be framed, NEVER correctly in CLASS terms. The ruling class thus wants people to think that whatever helps non-whites (such as abolishing Jim Crow laws in the past and abolishing similar instances of systemic racial discrimination that exist today) necessarily HARMS whites (takes away their "white privilege"), in other words that "anti-racism is just code for anti-white."

6. One of Oliver's put-downs of Carlson is to expose one of his big flip-flops. Oliver mocks Carlson for having, many years ago (before he got hired by Fox), criticized Pat Buchanan for claiming that powerful people silenced him (Buchanan) for telling the truth but now on Fox (with his millions of viewers) Carlson says the same thing he accused Buchanan of saying--that powerful people are trying to prevent him (Carlson) from telling the truth. Oliver rebukes Carlson by saying there is no powerful group of people preventing anyone from telling the truth. But wait a second here!

Sure, the powerful people who control our mass media (6 corporations own virtually all of it!) don't stop Tucker Carlson or John Oliver from telling "The Truth" because "The Truth" that Carlson and Oliver tell is the Big Lie that the ruling class has been using for centuries to divide-and-rule us along race lines, to destroy solidarity between white and non-white people by fomenting fear and resentment and mistrust between them by asserting that whatever is good for whites is bad for non-whites and vice versa. But NOBODY who tells the actual truth--that among ordinary people AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL--is allowed to have millions of listeners/readers in the ruling class-controlled mass media.

No, John Oliver! Contrary to your claim, powerful people really do prevent those who tell the actual truth from having a mass media audience of millions. You're just not such a truth-teller! The reason you don't (or pretend not to) grasp this is because the condition for you having YOUR audience of millions is that you promote the Big Lie and not ever utter the Big Truth.

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