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Click here or on the photo to see more than 500 people, all in my zip code of 02135, proudly and enthusiastically displaying a sign saying what they want: "We the People want affordable housing for all. To get it we aim to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor."

Click here to see how the Gallup Poll Co. refused to ask people if they agreed with these people.

What Is An Egalitarian Revolution?


by John Spritzler

April 5, 2015

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[Please also read "What Is Egalitarianism?"]

[Please read "How We CAN Remove the Rich from Power"]

[Please also see "FAQ: Why & How to haveNO RICH AND NO POOR" ]

Want to help make this happen? Then please read:

1. Let's Get Organized &

2. Here's What an Individual Can Do

It's an egalitarian revolution when the people who want the values of no-rich-and-no-poor equality, mutual aid, genuine democracy, fairness and truth to shape all of society (I call such people egalitarians even if they have never heard of that word) have taken power away from the people who oppose that goal.

Click here to see photos of more than 500 such people, all of them my neighbors where I live in  Brighton, MA 02135. They posed for these photos as they were entering the drug store or supermarket; zoom in on each photo to read the sign they are all enthusiastically displaying. Click here to read what's happening in my neighborhood.

No-rich-and-no-poor equality means that the economy is based on the principle, "From each according to reasonable ability, to each according to need or reasonable desire with scarce things equitably rationed according to need." This is discussed in increasing detail on this website here and here and here. Equality does not mean everybody is the same and this is discussed here.

Mutual aid means people helping each other, not being pitted against each other to be made more easily controlled by a ruling elite as is the case today. This is discussed further here.

Genuine democracy is the way that people with egalitarian values cooperate to shape all of society by those values. I call this form of cooperation voluntary federation of egalitarians; it is discussed in more detail here where there are links to articles with more detailed discussion.

Is egalitarian revolution possible? I discuss why it is possible here. As for why egalitarian revolution (as opposed to merely winning reforms to make things a bit more equal with higher taxes on the rich, etc.) is necessary please read "Why Have No Rich and No Poor?" and "Mom and Pop Capitalism," which address this question.

Here are links to articles addressing various concerns people have about egalitarian revolution:

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Small Business Persons

(and entrepreneurship)



Private Property


Bill of Rights

How to Prevent the Abuse of Power

The U.S. Constitution

Who Are the Rich to Remove from Power?

What Happens to the Rich? (also related: Some Rich People ARE Good)

Has there ever been an egalitarian revolution before? Yes:

Egalitarianism Worked In Spain 1936-9

What about Communism? Egalitarian revolution is FOR genuine democracy whereas Marxist regimes are always AGAINST genuine democracy. Read why this is so here.

It's NOT Utopia

FAQ: Why & How to have NO RICH AND NO POOR

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