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Wall Street Sacrifices Children to the Demon of Greed

The newspaper of the billionaires, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published an opinion piece entitled, “Eradication of Covid is a Dangerous and Expensive Fantasy” 


The authors acknowledge that New Zealand, Taiwan, and China have had a Zero Covid national strategy since the pandemic began.  This policy has kept over one billion people protected from infection by Covid-19.   Yet the WSJ seeks to convince us that, ”lockdowns have proved devastatingly harmful to public health.” They present absolutely no evidence. We are to believe the WSJ when they tell us that ignorance is strength and two plus two is five. The fact is that over one billion people continue to be protected by the policy of Zero Covid. This reality is for the WSJ, not a fact but a fantasy.  

The true reason behind this article is the statement that the cost of Zero Covid “would be far too great.” “The costs of any eradication program are immense and must be justified before the government pursues such a goal.”    


The Wall Street billionaires believe it is justified to continue receiving trillions of dollars in the pursuit of private profits. The US government has been buying up debt and pouring $130 billion a month into Wall Street since the pandemic began.   Government funds spent on building a Public Health Infrastructure is money that will not go to Wall Street.   Wall Street wants us to believe that the government spending trillions of dollars on Public Services to protect the health of the working people is too expensive.  The WSJ states, “The only practical course is to live with the virus.”   Zero Covid is not practical.  


In line with the WSJ, and with full knowledge that the Delta variant was present, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) removed all public health restrictions in June 2021, allowing massive Covid-19 transmission throughout the country.  We are all now “free” to get infected.  Some 40 million unvaccinated children must go into unsafe schools, knowing that they risk infection, illness, and death, which will spread to their teachers, families and friends.  This political decision was described as social murder by the British Medical Journal.  Such policy must be defied, resisted, and rejected.

Zero Covid is the way out of the pandemic.   To save our health and our lives, we must demand a Zero Covid policy now.

Let us crush Covid-19, not be crushed by it.

It’s time to replace the money system of the 1%, with the needs system of the 99%, and create a society driven by the needs of the vast majority, not by the greed of a tiny minority.

No more rich and no more poor.

Let us construct a truly egalitarian society-social, political and economic equality for all.



Dr. Nayvin Gordon, writes about health and politics.

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