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Dear Ms. Olson & Mr. Kistenberger



Olson Homes


You really are doing more than ample advertising, sending large leaflets into senior buildings where big money is not an option.


It's a sham and a shame, and I feel I must tell you how many who have lived here, all or most of their lives don't like this at all. Somerville is a people's town, not a place where the rich should come in buying up [or selling] condos at equal prices seen in Brookline, Newton and Lex ington. Next follows the high-end shops, shops that many Somervillens may never step into. And moves like yours aren't always healthy for townies. Certainly the new restaurants are a great bonus, but try living here in one of the newly constructed apartment buildings.


Gentrification is the name of your game. Now, why is that? It's totally unfair to most. This town is not quite glamorous. It's made up of families that have lived here for generations in their 2- and 3-family homes. It's a people's town as I mentioned.


Some of our relatives seek to sell their houses to purchase condos or rent apartments, and now people like you are makin g Somerville into another Cambridge. Nice to visit, but how many would like to live here? Do you really think this is an improvement? This happened in Lexington years ago to long time home owners, seniors who had to move because of their limited incomes and the influx of younger and richer generations.


Does what you are doing help this flailing economy? Or does it just fill your (I must say greedy) pocketbooks? If I were part of the governing group in Somerville, I'd say, please keep your expensive condos and stay away. You can do far better in the richer towns mentioned above.


It's just unfair to live in a small condo that costs a mil lion dollars or even half a million. We don't need condos that most can't afford, not here, not ever.



Carol Rae Bradford, M.Ed., author

Real Estate License

10th Generation Descendant of

Governor William Bradford of Plymouth Colony

Somerville, MA


cc: The Somerville Times

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

Jackie Rosetti, Press Contact

Somerville City Hall


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