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by John Spritzler

October 14, 2023

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The key fact that all mainstream and practically all "alternative" talking heads and journalists reporting on world affairs refuse to acknowledge is this: The rulers of every single nation on the planet today are enemies of the working class--the have-nots--in their own nation.


This is true of the capitalists, the socialists, the Communists, and the theocratic rulers. In every single case, the nation is based on class inequality. A privileged and powerful ruling elite treat the have-nots like dirt (read here how U.S. rulers do this) in order to control them and to extract great wealth from their essentially forced labor.


The rulers always rightly fear being overthrown by their own have-nots. Why? Because the have-nots hold values that are the opposite of the rulers' values; the have-nots hold the egalitarian values of no-rich-and-no-poor equality, mutual aid, fairness and truth, in contrast to the rulers' values of domination of the many by the few, selfishness, and inequality and using lies to pit people against each other. The rulers know that if left to themselves, the have-nots would overthrow them to shape society by their values, not those of the oppressors. Therefore, the rulers must do terrible things to control the have-nots.


High on the list of such terrible things the rulers do to control us is to use (and create if necessary) a bogeyman enemy to frighten the have-nots into submission to their rulers who pretend to be protecting them from that enemy.

The Zionist rulers of Israel use violent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to create the Palestinian bogeyman enemy to control the Israeli working class. Read here and here all about it.

The United States rulers created the Muslim terrorist enemy. Read here and here and here about it. Earlier, the United States rulers used (and armed!) the Soviet Union during the Cold War as its #1 bogeyman enemy. Read about this here.

The Kiev government in Ukraine uses violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians in the Donbass region (formerly) of Ukraine to make them be a bogeyman enemy with which to control the majority of the Ukrainian population that it oppresses horribly. Read about this here where the facts about the enormous class inequality in Russia are also presented. In this case Russia's ruling class doesn't need to invent a bogeyman enemy because the Kiev rulers play that role already. 


The Chinese rulers have the United States as a very convenient bogeyman enemy, and vice versa. Read about this here.

Go here to read in great detail about how oppressive ruling classes the world over have been using bogeyman enemies to control their own people, for example how this is what World War I and World War II were about, how this is the explanation for the violence in Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s, and how ruling classes have been doing this for millennia. 


And yet, one will never hear this use of bogeyman enemies to control us--the have-nots--ever mentioned by the talking heads on the mass or even "alternative" media. Instead we only hear a false narrative. Nations are talked about as if there were no huge conflict within each nation between the haves and the have-nots. We're never informed about the fact that the chief reason for what the rulers of nations do today is to use (and invent when necessary) bogeyman enemies for social control of their own have-nots.

All we hear from the talking heads is how such and such a nation is the good guy, or the bad guy, or how it is allied with some other nation or not allied with it, etc. The egalitarian notion of thinking about the world from the point of view of the have-nots--all of them in all nations--and thinking about how to create solidarity among all the world's have-nots to remove all the world's oppressive ruling classes from power: well, this notion is absolutely taboo in the newspapers and on the airwaves and in practically all of the internet "alternative" videos.


It's a form of gas-lighting: we all know or suspect the truth--that ordinary people in other nations are suffering at the hands of their rulers just as we are here, but we never hear anybody SAYING this. We never hear the truth about how the primary motive of, and explanation for, the actions of all of the nation's governments is their need to control and dominate their own have-nots. This silence about the elephant in the living room is designed to make us think we're crazy if we see that proverbial beast.

I say: Let's start talking about the truth. Let's overthrow the false narrative of the talking heads. Let's start talking about joining with the have-nots around the world against the oppressive rulers we all are suffering under.

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