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Do Your Civic Duty and VOTE!


by John Spritzler

February 9, 2016

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Please do your civic duty and VOTE. You really have no excuse for not voting in our democracy of, by and for the people. There are very important reasons to vote. Here are just some of them.


#1. Your vote for President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) will determine America's foreign policy; this organization decides U.S. foreign policy and provides the government's secretaries of State and secretaries of Defense. The U.S. government's State Department explains the key role of the CFR on its own website here, in an article by Richard N. Haass who is (or was once?) the president of the CFR. Instead of just complaining about or demonstrating against the government waging unjust wars, exercise your right to vote for a good person to head the CFR (go here to see how to become a CFR member, which you may have to be in order to vote for this position. I'm sure it's easy to join, however, because why would they want to keep good people out?)


#2. Your vote for the top leader of the CIA is extremely important. Sometimes this person's title is "Director of the CIA," but other times the actual top leader of the CIA has no formal title, as for example when Allen Dulles remained the actual CIA leader even after JFK fired him from the position of "Director" and he was officially a retired person with no official governmental authority but nonetheless orchestrated the CIA's assassination of JFK. Your vote for this office is important because it will determine what the government does covertly (like, for example, when it decides to kill the president for, as in the case of JFK, not going along with the plutocracy's "team"), which is often far more important than what it does overtly.


#3. Your vote for the patriarch (or matriarch) of the Rockefeller Family is crucial because this person controls a fortune conservatively estimated to be at least $1.33 Trillion. That's one thousand three hundred and thirty billions, by the way, far FAR more than the seventy billions owned by the "richest man in the world" (Bill Gates) and almost ten times more than the Walton family fortune of $160 billion. The Rockefeller Family fortune has its agents on the boards of directors of about one hundred and eight of the very largest American corporations in all sectors of the economy. The patriarch of the Rockefeller Family is currently president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations. This patriarch (or matriarch) that you vote into office will do pretty much anything he or she wants to do. The current person holding this position (David Rockefeller), for example, decided to make everybody believe that human-produced C02 was causing catastrophic global warming, and he had the power to bend scientific journals and some scientists to endorse bogus science to advance this notion.


#4. Your vote for the CEO of the Committee for Economic Development (CED) will, in collaboration with some other people you should vote for, determine the domestic policy of the United States. The reason we have market-driven health care today instead of a single-payer system, for example, is because back in 1973 and then again in 1987 the CED said this is what we should have, and said "make it so"; and indeed it came to pass that HMOs were born.


#5. Don't forget also to vote for the two co-chairs of the Brookings Institute, which claims (with some, if not total, justification) that, "Brookings is proud to be consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank." You can see what kind of people are on the board of trustees of the Brookings Institute here; it would seem that ordinary people like you and I have for some reason--not sure why--failed to vote very often in their elections for trustees and chair positions.


#6. Please be sure, of course, to vote for the CEOs of the six media conglomerates that control 90% of the media in America, because those who control what Americans think and know in our wonderful democracy ensure that it truly reflects the values and aspirations of ordinary Americans, right?

#7. By all means, vote for a Treasurer who will tell us where trillions of dollars of our public money are. The person whose title is "Treasurer of the United States" (you know, the person the president appoints to run the Department of the Treasury and who gets to have his or her signature on our currency) is not the real treasurer. This person doesn't even know where our government's money is or else won't tell us. This so-called "Treasurer of the United States" acts clueless when, for example, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces (on September 10, 2001, interestingly) that "we cannot track $2.3 Trillion"; and when the Inspector General for the Federal Reserve Banks cannot say who received a "trillion dollars plus" from that institution (time point 0:35 here) and when the Inspector General cannot say who received more than nine trillion dollars in credit from that institution (start at time point 2:00 and go to time point 3:15 for mention of the $9 Trillion specifically). (Sure, $9 Trillion may not be all that much money actually, but's the principle of the thing, right?) Somewhere there is the REAL treasurer who knows where the money is and where it goes. THAT's the person in the position that needs to be filled by your vote. Vote in a good treasurer, please!

Now some of you may not know exactly how to go about voting for these important positions, but that's no excuse for not voting. Remember, if you don't exercise your right to vote, then you will have no say in how our society is run, and you wouldn't want THAT to happen, would you? Don't pay any attention to those egalitarian revolutionaries at who say we have a fake democracy that is really a dictatorship of the rich. Exercise your sacred right to vote and prove them wrong.

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