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July 17, 2021


The ruling billionaire plutocracy stays in power by preventing working class solidarity from overthrowing it. It uses many "issues" [3] to turn about half the working class (those who identify as conservative) against the other half (those who identify as liberal/progressive/left.)


Practically nobody currently is exposing how the ruling class uses these issues to divide-and-rule by framing the debate in such a manner that the viewpoint that would unite almost all working class people--along with the facts that would highlight this viewpoint--is excluded from consideration, censored.


To take just one recent example: Critical Race Theory. CRT suppresses, CENSORS, the key fact that the PURPOSE of the systemic racial discrimination it describes was (and is) to prevent solidarity from developing between white and non-white working class people, in order to enable the ruling upper class to dominate and oppress and exploit ALL races of working class people.[1]


If this fact were included in the CRT material, then it would be impossible for the racist leaders to mobilize working class whites against the teaching of CRT, but with this key fact censored it is easy for racists to mobilize working class whites against it because the CRT material implicitly--and wrongly!--accuses working class whites of being the guilty oppressor beneficiaries of the systemic racial discrimination. CRT drives white working class people into the welcoming arms of racists, who say to them (truthfully!), "You're right to be angry at the false accusation CRT makes against you." The Biden administration promotes CRT in our schools because it knows exactly how useful it is for dividing the working class.


But who is pointing this out about CRT? The Left just defends CRT and accuses white working class people who object to it of being racist. In this way, the Left acts as a useful idiot on behalf of the ruling class. Nobody is pointing out how CRT censors the key fact about systemic racial discrimination. Why?


Here's another example: Israel. The Israeli government is, like the U.S. government, of, by and for billionaires. It treats Palestinians like dirt for the PURPOSE of making them so angry at Israel that Palestinians can be easily portrayed to working class Jewish Israelis as an existential threat--a (bogeyman) antisemitic enemy--to frighten them into obedience to the Israeli ruling class that pretends to be protecting them from "the real enemy" so that it can dominate and oppress and exploit Jewish working class people, which it does big time. [2]


When the actual anti-working class PURPOSE of Israel's cruel oppression of Palestinians is pointed out, it makes good people who supported Israel because they believed the Zionist lie that its violence against Palestinians was required to protect Jews from harm--including Jews with a strong emotional connection to Israel--change their mind and oppose Zionism because they now understand that the Zionist argument is a lie. So you would think that the anti-Zionist organizations and leaders would be shouting this key fact--the PURPOSE of Israel's brutality against Palestinians--from the rooftops. But no! They are absolutely silent on the question. Why?


Here's why, I think. Fear. Telling the truth about these things means waging (implicitly at least) the class war; class war identifies the rich upper ruling class EVERYWHERE as the enemy. Leaders of organizations that depend on wealthy donors to pay the rent, and academics who worry about not getting tenure, are afraid to wage the class war because it means going against the upper class WHERE THEY LIVE AND WORK at least implicitly; it is much less dangerous to just "be for Palestine and against Israel."


The antidote to this fear is knowing that one is joined by LOTS of people in wanting to win the class war. It means knowing that most of one's working class neighbors want to win the class war--people like my zip code neighbors in these photos. And it means NOT being like the Left: a leftist responded to these photos by suggesting that maybe all of these people (more than 500 of my neighbors) were actors that I paid to pretend to agree with the egalitarian revolutionary sign they were holding!


Some people say that we should just ignore these social issues, that they are merely a diversion. This is a huge mistake!

These social issues are NOT merely a diversion; they are weapons aimed at the working class. If we ignore these issues, instead of exposing how they are being used to attack us, then the attacks will succeed, and we will lose. 

Ignoring these issues would be like ignoring the knife somebody is using to attack oneself on the grounds that the knife is "merely a distraction and the important thing is to focus on the person attacking oneself." BIG MISTAKE!






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