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[Read here what the first step is for YOU, an individual]


The first step for attaining a goal, especially one that powerful forces oppose, is to state explicitly what the goal is. When the goal is to abolish class inequality (a.k.a. make an egalitarian revolution), then the first step is to state explicitly that the goal is to abolish class inequality with an egalitarian revolution. Class inequality is the ROOT CAUSE of our being treated like dirt (as I explain with many examples here), so if our goal is not to abolish class inequality then we will be treated like dirt forever.

If one omits this key first step, then one will never attain the goal.

This is a no-brainer. Think about it.

If one lives in Toronto, Canada, and wishes to get to Beijing, China, the first step is to say explicitly, "I want to get to Beijing." If one does not take that first step, one is very unlikely to get to Beijing.

Is "getting to the Toronto airport" the first step toward getting to Beijing? No. It may be an important "after-the-first-step" step but it is not the first step.

Likewise, is "winning such-and-such a reform that does not abolish class inequality [fill in your favorite reform here]" the first step towards abolishing class inequality? No, it is not! In fact, the ruling class is extremely skilled at maintaining class inequality as long as people refrain from declaring explicitly that that is the goal. This is why class inequality remains in South Africa where people only declared the abolition of apartheid to be the goal. This is why class inequality remains in the United States where people only declared reforms (such as the abolition of Jim Crow) to be the goal.

"First step-ism," meaning the avoidance of explicitly saying the goal is the abolition of class inequality on the grounds that "the first step is to win such-and-such a reform" is a FATAL MISTAKE. This mistake will prevent us from ever abolishing class inequality. It will guarantee that the ruling plutocracy remains in power, and continues to treat us like dirt.

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