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[Also see "The "Logic" of the Left Leads Literally to Terrorism"]

The Left (following the leadership of the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, as discussed here) tells white working class people that they and the richest Americans have something very important in common--that they all enjoy "white privilege." The Left no longer talks about racial discrimination, which is very real; it talks only of "white privilege." "White privilege" is a bogus phrase. It is designed to make white working class people wrongly believe that they benefit from racial discrimination (the word "privilege" means a benefit). And it is designed to hide the truth that discrimination against one group of working class people harms ALL working class people ("An Injury to One is an Injury to All") by undermining their solidarity with resentment and mistrust (as discussed here).


The Left, in other words, tells white working class people not to think about what they have in common with non-white working class people (that they both want real equality with no rich and no poor and that they are both oppressed by a rich upper class that makes our society so obscenely unequal that 3 Americans own more than half of all Americans combined). Instead the Left tells white working class people to identify with the rich upper class on the basis of race (and to feel guilty for it, of course.)


The Right (like Rush Limbaugh) LOVES the fact that the Left lumps white working class people with the rich upper class. Otherwise the Right wouldn't be able to do what Rush Limbaugh is a master at doing. Here's a recent example, from Rush Limbaugh's radio show, a transcript of which is here. It starts out by Rush saying that illegal aliens get health care for free that American citizens have to pay $900 for when they get it from Obamacare. [The germ of truth is that even though illegal aliens are not eligible for Obamacare, if one of them comes to a hospital's Emergency Room he/she will be treated for free, as would anybody else, and the expense would be borne by the taxpayer.] Rush then explains what's going on this way (the words we've made red are key):


"Where do you think the money, at least a pretense of it, is coming from?  Somebody's gotta pay into this.  And if you're an illegal that doesn't have a job or doesn't have a high-paying job, by definition, they can't look to you for money.  You're the beneficiary.  You're the victim.  You are the target.  You are being given this because life has so screwed you over, primarily the United States of America has so screwed you over because you're a minority, and probably a person of color, and this is how we're gonna get even with all these powerful people in the majority who've given everything to themselves and left out these poor minorities.


"Now it's the majority's time to get stuck.  So the people that have the money, whether they have it or whether it can be taken from them in a tax refund, are going to pay for this.  What do you think Obama is?  Forget Obamacare, what do you think Obama is?  What do you think transforming America, what do you think the redistribution of wealth is?  This is it exactly.  Natural born American citizen, $900 bucks a month for what an illegal alien in the country can get for zilch.  It's designed that way.  The illegal alien or the welfare recipient or the poor person or whatever is the person with the grievance that must be addressed.


"There is no merit based anything.  Everything is identity politics and racial politics.  And if you are white, if you're in a majority, if you're wealthy, you have benefited from unfairness tilted in your favor your whole life.  Time to give up now, time to make even, time to pay back.  Obama has come to balance the scales.  Obama has come to take care of those who have been systematically left out by an evil, mean-spirited, extremist majority since the days of this country's founding. 


"That's exactly what this is.  It's why it has always had majority opposition."


Notice that Rush Limbaugh plays on the fact that his listeners know what the Left says about working class white people, and the fact that his mainly white listeners don't like being unfairly accused of being racists and of unfairly benefiting from racism. This is what Rush is doing when he sarcastically and mockingly parrots the Left (which includes Obama) by saying:


"Obama has come to take care of those who have been systematically left out by an evil, mean-spirited, extremist majority since the days of this country's founding."


Rush Limbaugh's entire "pitch" depends on his audience feeling wrongly accused of being "evil, mean-spirited" by the Left simply because they are white. The Left, with its bogus "white privilege" BS makes it possible for the Right to pose as the defender of ordinary Americans against the scurrilous accusations made against them by the Left.


The Ford and Rockefeller foundation people have orchestrated this charade. It is very sophisticated divide-and-rule and the Left is a key component of it, just as important as Rush Limbaugh et al. Without the Left, the Rush Limbaugh Right would have nothing to say.


The only way to turn the tables on this divide-and-rule scheme is to advocate egalitarianism and contrast it to both the Left and the Right.  For example, in an egalitarian society based on "From each according to ability, to each according to need," any person, unless specifically identified by their local assembly of egalitarians as not contributing according to ability reasonably, would have a right to the health care they need (or an equal right to scarce health care rationed according to need). Nobody would have to pay more for health care than anybody else (because health care, like other things, would be free for those who contributed according to ability reasonably.) 


The thing that angers Rush Limbaugh's audience--being made to pay for free loaders--would not exist. People in their local assembly could decide to let freeloaders get health care if they wanted to (and they very well might), but it would be their decision, not forced on them from above. 


Furthermore, contrary to the Big Lie of the Left, in an egalitarian society life would be much better than today for white working class people. Racial discrimination, far from benefiting white working class people, undermines solidarity among all races of working people and thereby makes it harder to gain the benefits for ALL working class people that would be enjoyed in an egalitarian society. 


Contrary to the Left, the appropriate attitude for white working class people to have towards racial discrimination is not guilt; it is anger--anger at injustice and anger at what is in fact an Injury to All.      

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