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[Click here  or click here for two pdf file versions of This I Believe, each suitable for printing and making copies to collect signatures]


80% of those who saw us on the street with the following revolutionary statement and stopped to read it signed their name in support of it, in Malden, Watertown, Brighton Center, Jackson Square/JP, Dudley Square/Roxbury, Somerville and the rural N.H. towns of Unity and Lemster. Now you know--if you agree with this statement--You Are NOT Alone!




To my neighbors near and far:


This I Believe


Something is very wrong about our society today. It should be based on the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” But instead it is based on the opposite: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” The ones with the gold celebrate greed and looking out for #1, destroy the environment for personal gain (like BP did to the Gulf), and pit people against each other to control them.


In the United States we have a fake democracy. Big Money owns the media and political parties, controls the electoral process and politicians, and determines government policies, which have nothing to do with campaign promises or what most people want. This is not right!


Our capitalist economy is based on, and perpetuates, enormous economic inequality. Most people are merely “hired hands” working for, and required to obey, employers who claim, illegitimately, to personally own the earth’s land and minerals as well as the material and intellectual wealth produced by millions of working people. The poorest people do the hardest work and enjoy the benefits of socially produced wealth the least; the richest do the easiest work in great luxury or do no work at all, and enjoy the lion’s share of these benefits. This is wrong!


We the undersigned want real democracy and an economy based on equality and concern for one another and generations yet unborn.


Laws should only be made by meetings at the local level open to all who support equality and democracy. Social order on a larger scale—such as complex economic coordination—should be achieved by voluntary federation of local communities and work places, not by laws written by so-called “representatives” in distant capital cities or by commands from CEOs imposed from above.


We should all equally own and enjoy the benefits of the earth’s resources and the wealth that we produce by working together, with nobody being rich or poor. The principle of our economy should be, “From each according to ability, to each according to need,” a Golden Rule idea as old as the Bible (Acts, 4:34-35). Work should be for shared goals, to produce things that people need and want, to share freely, not buy and sell.


A greedy, rich and powerful minority, who were never elected and therefore cannot be unelected, prevents Americans from making ours a more equal and democratic society, which is why we need a revolution to remove them from power.






Please mail a copy (or original, if you prefer) to PDR, PO Box 300860, Boston, MA, 02130, USA. The total current signature count, also broken down by where they were obtained, will be posted at, where you can find more information. Please write a note here saying something about where these signatures are from. If you keep the original, put them in a safe place and write here how to contact a person who will know where they are even in the far future. Thanks.  


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