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America's Liberal Establishment Has Done the Heavy Lifting to Recruit Working Class Whites Into White Supremacist* Organizations

by John Spritzler

August 12, 2017

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Recent update that is an example of this, in which "anti-racism" doctors are helping neo-Nazis recruit: "THE NEW LIBERAL-SPEARHEADED  STRATEGY IN HEALTH CARE TO DIVIDE THE HAVE-NOTS ALONG RACE LINES, ALL IN THE NAME OF 'ANTI-RACISM'"

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White supremacists held a rally and killed at least one counter-protester in Charlottesville, Virginia today, as reported by the Washington Post and AP in this Boston Globe article. Read this article carefully and you will see how America's liberal establishment wing of the ruling class (Democratic Party politicians and the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, among other ruling class agents) bear enormous responsibility for helping white supremacist organizations recruit working class whites.

Here's how establishment liberal leaders did it. For years now they have been doing things to make white working class people feel under attack by anti-racists. First, these liberal leaders spent a few decades making sure that working class whites applying for a job or admission into a college would hear back essentially this message: "We're sorry. We can't give you the position you are seeking because we had to give it to a less qualified minority person." This "Affirmative Action" was designed (largely by President Richard Nixon, actually) to produce white resentment against non-whites, and to destroy the solidarity between whites and non-whites that had developed during the earlier Civil Rights Movement. It worked! (Read "We Need THIS, Not Affirmative Action" to see what a genuine plan to redress past racial discrimination would have been.)

Then the establishment liberal leaders waged a campaign, funded (as shown here) by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, to replace the unifying good phrase "racial discrimination against non-whites" (which unified whites and non-whites on the basis of their shared opposition to racial discrimination) with the terrible divisive phrase "white privilege," which--as is carefully explained in "Is It a 'Privilege' Not To Be Discriminated Against?", and which you really need to read it if you don't already understand it--is designed to make working class whites believe that anti-racism is code for anti-white. This too has been very successful, for the ruling class's divide-and-rule strategy, that is.

If you doubt that this is what's enabling the white supremacist organizations to recruit, then take a look at the evidence in today's newspaper report of the Charlottesville rally, which reported:

"Tensions began Friday night, as several hundred white supremacists chanted 'White lives matter!' 'You will not replace us!' and 'Jews will not replace us!' as they carried torches marched in a parade through the University of Virginia campus."

Clearly these white supremacist chants are the chants of people who feel they are under attack. This is not a fluke of the Charlottesville rally; it is the main theme that white supremacist organizations use to recruit new members, as I discuss in some detail in my article, "What Do 'White Supremacists' Believe?" These white supremacist recruiting posters at the University of Central Florida illustrate this same defensive theme:


White Supremacist Organizations Are Filling the Vacuum Created by the Liberal Establishment

If white working class people had good organizations that truly championed their interests--interests that they share with working class people of all races--then white supremacist organizations with their crackpot science would not appeal to them. But the liberal establishment wing of the ruling class (along with its conservative wing) has done its best to make sure that there are no such good organizations welcoming white working class people. 

The Republican Party welcomes them, but only on the basis of "social issues" such as abortion and same-sex marriage and "being tougher on crime" (which means incarcerating in prison more blacks and Hispanics who are demonized as criminal races by the racist War on Drugs that is supported and implemented by the Liberal Establishment.) The Republican Party never ever dreams of championing the economic interests of working class people against the contrary interests of capitalists, nor of championing the values of working class people--equality and mutual aid (a.k.a. solidarity)--against the contrary capitalist values of inequality and dog-eat-dog competition.

The Democratic Party is just as bad, but in a different manner. The Democratic Party's recent presidential candidate dismissed white working class people as "deplorables" and the party has been in the forefront of using Affirmative Action, and "white privilege" rhetoric, to demonize white working class people as guilty of benefiting from racial discrimination.

What about the big time "anti-racist" liberals? They worked together with the conservatives to turn the labor unions into organizations that white workers (and non-white workers too) came to view as agents of the capitalist class. Robert Reich, for example, was Labor Secretary during the truly heroic rank-and-file-led strikes at the E.A. Staley corn milling company and the Caterpillar Company and the Bridgestone Company (rubber) in 1995. The strikes were sabotaged by the national union leaders and attacked by the companies' management. The workers received no help from the Labor Department, and Reich had the gall to pontificate that the negotiations (which resulted in defeat for the workers) could, as the NYT reported him saying, "spur an incipient trend of labor-management collaboration, with both sides seeing something to gain from an employer's success." This is how Reich told the workers to collaborate with their class enemy as if they shared the same fundamental values and interests, the "national interest" Big Lie. 

President Bill Clinton at this time spearheaded NAFTA, which was used to enable the capitalists to move the highest-paying (often union) jobs to Mexico or to threaten such a move in order to force the workers to accept cuts in pay and benefits. White workers (as well as non-white) experienced this as an attack on them by a president (Bill Clinton) who was hailed as "America's first black president."

The liberal wing of the ruling class deliberately created a vacuum devoid of any organizational leadership that white working class people could view as "on their side." The intended result is what we're now seeing: increasing numbers of angry white working class people responding favorably to the recruiting pitch of white supremacist organizations.

Why Do Some Whites Chant "Jews Will Not Replace Us!"?

The white nationalists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 chanted"Jews will not replace us!" How come? The fear of being "replaced" is due to the general feeling of being attacked for being white, as discussed above. But why the fear of Jews, specifically, "replacing us"? 

A big part of the explanation is this. Firstly, these whites are afraid of immigrants (especially illegal Hispanic immigrants) "invading" the United States and taking it over and thus "replacing" whites. Secondly, these whites perceive Jews as being the major force supporting immigrants entering the United States (many Jewish organizations indeed do so) while at the same time opposing non-Jewish immigrants entering Israel and (of course) even driving most of the non-Jews out of the part of Palestine now called Israel. Jews, in other words, are perceived as wanting to achieve strength through "race purity" for Jews, while at the same time drastically weakening the strength of competing races by diluting their "race purity" with foreign immigrants. This is the explanation for the "Jews will not replace us!" chant.

The question is, why do so many whites have this perception of Jews? A big part of the explanation is that the ruling class has made sure that Americans have no clue why there are so many illegal Hispanic immigrants coming into the United States, specifically they don't know that the U.S. ruling class--consisting of both Jews and non-Jews--has for decades been doing things to deliberately FORCE Hispanic people to illegally immigrate into the United States, as I discuss in detail here. If Americans knew this fact they would be more inclined to direct their anger at the U.S. ruling class (Jewish and non-Jewish members of it) instead of being angry at the illegal immigrants and viewing them as a hostile invasion aiming to "replace" Americans. The U.S. ruling class censors the key fact, about how it has been forcing Hispanics to illegally immigrate, because it wants its conservative media (which it controls along with the liberal media) to succeed in whipping up fear of the immigrants and anger against liberal organizations (that very visibly include many Jews) that support the illegal immigrants.

Another part of the explanation is this. The notion that Jews as a race--all Jews, rich and poor alike--benefit from the ethnic cleansing that the Israeli government carries out to ensure that the population of Israel will always be at least 80% Jewish no matter what, is FALSE. On the contrary, ordinary Jews are terribly HARMED by the ethnic cleansing of the Israeli government as I discuss here and especially here. Only the billionaire ruling class and the generals and politicians beholden to it benefit from Israel's ethnic cleansing. But the U.S. ruling class censors this fact. All of the mass media say that ALL Jews benefit from having a "Jewish state" with a guaranteed 80% Jewish population and that anybody who disagrees (i.e., who doesn't agree that there ought to be a Jewish state and that "Israel has a right to defend itself") is therefore a despicable anti-Semite. 

The logic of this Big Lie about Israel perfectly supports the white nationalists' perception that Jews want race purity strength for Jews and race dilution (from foreign immigration) weakness for non-Jews. The ruling class KNOWS its Big Lie has this consequence for the thinking of many American whites. It is happy it does! It perfectly advances its divide-and-rule strategy.

This is how the ruling class has done the heavy lifting to cause white nationalists to chant, "Jews will not replace us."

There Is a Way to Defeat the White Supremacist Organizations, But It Is Not by Following Left/Liberal Leadership

The way to undermine the ability of the leaders of white supremacist organizations to recruit new followers is to expose how the ruling class, in the name of anti-racism, has used manipulation (such as Affirmative Action) and lies (such as the "white privilege" Big Lie that says ordinary whites benefit from racial discrimination against non-whites** and will therefore be worse off if the anti-racists prevail) to make working class whites feel that they are under attack by people promoting the welfare of non-whites.

The very LAST thing we should do to stop new recruits from joining white supremacist organizations is to mistakenly believe that America's establishment liberal leaders share our horror at the growth of such organizations, and to mistakenly embrace the divide-and-rule schemes these leaders tell us are about "fighting racism." These "anti-racist" schemes are about driving working class whites into the arms of the racist leaders of white supremacist organizations.

The way to fight racism is to assert and explain to everybody--white and non-white alike--that, contrary to the "white privilege" BS, racial discrimination against non-whites HARMS both ordinary non-white AND white people (as discussed also in my "True or False: An Injury to One is an Injury to All?") This is the UNIFYING basis on which to fight against racially discriminatory policies, as we definitely need to do. 

The ruling class, using its liberal wing, has worked very hard to prevent Americans from understanding that an injury to one is an injury to all. It's time we stopped them from succeeding in this Big Lie, and from doing the heavy lifting to help the white supremacist organizations recruit.

Please visit my for more about how to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor.


* A more accurate name for these organizations is "white nationalist" because many of them recruit on the basis of championing whites against those who oppress whites, not on the basis of wanting whites to have greater rights than non-whites.

** Dear reader, if you don't understand that this is a Big Lie, then you really REALLY need to read "Is It a 'Privilege' Not to be Discriminated Against?" Really!

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