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[For more good analysis of the vote,  click here]

A majority of voters in the United Kingdom voted on June 23, 2016 to leave the European Union. The motives of those who voted to leave varied, but one big motive for many of them was not wanting to be ruled by some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. This motive was expressed in different ways. Some said they wanted to "take control" of their nation again. Others spoke of not wanting "taxation without representation."

As a member of the European Union, the British legislature was required to defer to and not contradict laws imposed by the unelected European Union's officials.

Those who voted to leave the EU clearly want genuine democracy. By voting to leave the EU they voted to make the UK closer to being the kind of genuine democracy it will be when it is egalitarian and has a government based on voluntary federation, as described here.


In an egalitarian voluntary federation, those who support equality and mutual aid (i.e., the vast majority of people who are, whether they think of themselves that way or not, egalitarians), are not ruled over by anybody. Egalitarians are not obliged to obey laws written by people in some distant city, whether those lawmakers are elected or not. Egalitarians are only obliged to obey laws that they, along with the other egalitarians in their local community, were able to participate as equals in writing. 

In an egalitarian society, the egalitarians in a local community are sovereign. Their cooperation and coordination with egalitarians in other local communities is based on mutual agreement, not--as is unfortunately the case today in most of the world--the invalid authoritarian principle that says one must obey the highest national (or continental, or global) governmental body no matter what, just because the government declares it is legitimate.


Those who dismiss/condemn the Brexit vote as a racist (anti-Muslim) vote fail to distinguish between those who tell racist lies and manipulate people versus those who believe the lies and are manipulated [as discussed here].

All the Western ruling elites (Conservative/Liberal/Labor, Republican/ Democrat, American, British, French, Israeli and what have you) conspire to make ordinary people fear Muslims. The elites do this by spreading lies about Muslims (such as the claim that 19 Muslims hijacked four planes and did the 9/11 attack) and by killing innocent Muslims to make them angry--furious!--at the nations ruled by these elites. 

Then the members of this ruling elite class who play the role of "good cop" in the elite's "good cop/bad cop routine" wag their finger at ordinary people and accuse them of being "racist" for being afraid of Muslims. That's real chutzpah! 

No doubt many people in the UK who voted for Brexit are fearful of Muslims. But they also didn't want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. To dismiss their vote for Brexit as a racist vote is just plain elitist. It is the elitism that sees goodness coming from the elite at the top of society, and badness coming from the working class at the bottom. It is just plain wrong and profoundly anti-democratic.

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