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243 words after 'Dear editor':


Dear editor,

​Martin Luther King, Jr. carefully explained that the racist Jim Crow laws harmed--not benefited!--the poor whites, and were used by the rich upper class in the South to dominate and oppress ALL working class people, including white working class people ( Unfortunately, MLK, Jr. was the last prominent person to explain this. No prominent person since then does so. 

Instead, a government-sponsored "Critical Race Theory" school curriculum describes the centuries of systemic racial discrimination in the United States but CENSORS its anti-working class PURPOSE--to pit the have-nots against each other by race to enable the rich to control and dominate not only the non-white but ALSO the white have-nots. 

The mass media denies the truth that MLK, Jr. preached; it wrongly asserts that racial discrimination against non-whites benefits ordinary white people by giving them "white privilege." By censoring its actual purpose, CRT wrongly implies that the racial discrimination against non-whites that it describes did, and does, benefit working class whites who are  guilty of being racist oppressors. This wrongful accusation understandably makes white working class parents angry and they are protesting the CRT curriculum at School Committee meetings, while many non-whites support the CRT curriculum because they want the fact of racial discrimination to be taught. 

This is how the upper class today continues to pit the have-nots against each other along race lines, while pretending to "fight racism." Please read the history that CRT censors at .

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