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Anybody who has studied the deeds of the British upper (ruling) class led by--or sometimes just decorated by--its royals and monarchs for the last centuries knows that this class is truly despicable, cruel, violent, greedy, murderous, oppressive and, how can I say this, not nice.

Consider what the British upper class did in the 1950s to prevent its colony of Kenya from gaining independence. A Harvard historian named Caroline Elkins wrote a book about this titled "Imperial Reckoning: the Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya." Elkins began writing this book as a graduate student for her research thesis. She began her research with the belief that it would show how wonderfully the British upper class had behaved in such an enlightened manner in granting independence to Kenya.

When she went to the archival record and also began interviewing Kenyans about their war of independence (the Mau Mau uprising) and the repression of it by the British, Elkins was shocked. She discovered that the British repression of the Mau Mau uprising was carried out with the full approval of the very top of the British government, and it was so extraordinarily cruel, vicious, long-lasting and absolutely downright evil that I am unable to provide here any of the book's graphic--stomach turning!--descriptions of the torture techniques the British used because they would indeed violate decent community standards: things like crushing a man's testicles to make him talk, OK?

This cruel and vicious torture, keep in mind, was not for the purpose of extracting information (the classic "ticking bomb" trope) to save innocent lives. No! It was for the purpose of maintaining the morally unjust, racist and oppressive British colonial rule over the people of Kenya!

Furthermore, as Elkins notes, one of the top British officials in charge of this cruel and vicious torture had, just a few years previously, been a judge at the Nuremberg Trials of the Nazis. So much for any claim that the British just didn't know better, uh?

In light of the centuries of extraordinary cruel and vicious racism and atrocities to protect the power and privilege of the British upper class in colonies all over the world and the fact that this upper class is still enjoying the possession of the wealth it extracted by this racist oppression, it is ludicrous in the extreme for the mass media to tell us that the issue of whether or not the British upper class is racist hinges on things like whether or not one of them worried about the color of skin Archie would have or whether some of them snubbed Meghan. Puleeeeeeeeze!

So, when it comes to the Harry and Meghan versus Elizabeth and Charles and William and Katherine brouhaha about which royals (or would-be royals) are nice and which are not, I really don't have a dog in that fight. The entire British upper class should be deprived of its wealth and privileged status and then told to contribute reasonably according to ability like everybody else and only then have the right to take from the economy what they need or reasonably desire and no more. Let William and Harry argue about who will go down that road first, OK?

The mass media fuss about Harry and Meghan is just one more way that our ruling class tries to obscure the evil of class inequality by focusing our attention on anything else that it thinks will entertain us. I for one am not entertained.

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