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The Brighton Allston Community Coalition seemed, at its beginning a few years ago, to be a great organization. I joined it and then recruited 1021 new members to it, thus tripling its membership, as you can read about here.

But the BACC leaders, in their infinite wisdom, decided to censor all of my posts to its email discussion group, as you can read about (i.e., see the emails from BACC Vice Chair Joanne D'Alcomo to me asserting that censorship) here. The most recent such email (at the bottom of the previously linked page) announces that I am now excluded from membership in the BACC.


The BACC leadership (Joanne D'Alcomo, Vice Chair, and Kevin Carragee, Chair) is hostile to the egalitarian ideas I (and the 1021 new members of the BACC that I recruited, also) advocate. Most people with these egalitarian ideas presently lack the confidence to assert them publicly by writing to email groups, or going to organization meetings, etc., but they definitely exist, and you can see photos of more than 500 of them just in the 02135 Brighton zip code saying what they think here.

I have discussed in previous in the blog how the BACC leadership, along with our new city councilor, Liz Breadon (one of the BACC founders) pretend to be fighting for affordable housing but in fact are not. These "leaders" are really all about looking out for the interests of ONLY the upper middle class people of Allston-Brighton, not the working class people who are being driven out by gentrification--specifically by the massive construction of luxury housing. Mayor Walsh deceitfully calls this luxury housing "affordable" (since rich people can afford it) as a way of covering up the fact that he is in bed with the rich developers in implementing the gentrification, as you can read about here. Liz Breadon and the BACC leaders refuse to expose this scam. When I started demanding that the BACC speak out against this scam, and actually demand an end to it, I was kicked out of the organization.

I urge you to join an email group that I created if you want to discuss building a good movement against the gentrification of Allston Brighton, and for a good egalitarian society. Go here to see how to join that email group.

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