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Pose for a Photo to Frighten the Rich into Creating More Affordable Housing

Please go to to read about how, and why, people are posing for a photo holding a sign that says:

"We the People

want affordable

housing for ALL.  

To get it we aim to

remove the rich from power to have

real, not fake, democracy with

no rich and no poor."

This campaign is something you can help out, as you can read in the article linked above.

It's time we let the rich and powerful know that we are not going to just blow off steam at the City-sponsored public hearings (that are held when developers seek a variance to build more luxury housing instead of affordable housing) and then go home and do nothing else when we're ignored, as we always are, about our major concerns. No! We're aiming to remove the rich from power. Let the rich developers and their politician friends put THAT in their pipe and smoke it the next time they decide whether to keep ignoring us or not.

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